That Cindy Glow

When it comes to cheek products, theBalm has it down. I'm a big lover of their blushes, and of course arguably their most popular product, Mary-Lou Manizer is my favourite highlighter. It only made sense that I pick up their latest Manizer release, Cindy-Lou. I mean, she's the slightly rosier sister of Mary, what's not to love?!

L-R: Swatched, Blended
The packaging is standard theBalm - adorable. Keeping in the same theme as her fellow highlighters, Cindy-Lou Manizer comes in a compact which doesn't have the most secure closure, but has a mirror in the lid. One thing to note with these highlighting powders is that they are very soft and delicate, and they break easily. Be aware of this if you travel with one, and also I'd recommend opening up the powder before buying it! I narrowly avoided buying a shattered one by opening it instore!

Being a MAJOR fan of Mary-Lou, I had high hopes for Cindy. Luckily - she lived up to them! The powder itself is much the same; soft, very smooth and pigmented. The shimmer is very refined and barely visible really, it's not overly metallic or glittery. It simply does just give a gorgeous, sheeny glow. Of course, where it differs from Mary-Lou is in its colour (I forgot to take comparison photos, sorry!). Cindy-Lou Manizer has distinct pinky-peach tones, and an almost lavender-mauve colour shift. The colour shift is barely visible but it sort of brings the colour down a notch to be a bit more 'natural'. For fairer skintones, this highlighter could definitely act as a blush, but for me it works well on top of the cheekbones and really complements the blush I'm wearing, especially if it's anything in the peachy-pink family. Compared to Mary-Lou, the shimmer is a bit less intense, and not as stark or reflective, so you don't have to be as careful to achieve a natural look. I find the lasting powder to be really good. By the end of the day I still have a lovely glow on my cheeks, though that could be down to my natural oils coming through hehe!

I don't think there's much more to add, other than that I absolutely adore this highlighter! I've definitely been getting a lot of use out of it, especially as I find it just a tad more wearable for everyday than Mary-Lou Manizer

Have you tried any of the theBalm Manizers?

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