Throwing Shade on 50 Shades

Not really...But I'll be honest: when I first saw that OPI were bringing out a 50 Shades of Grey nail polish collection I was both amused and uninterested. I have not read the books, nor do I have any intention on seeing the movie. I don't have anything against the whole enterprise (who, let's face it, is really milking it through various makeup/nail/beauty campaigns and collections), but I'm really not an advocate! However, as a nail polish lover, I won't discriminate just because of the theme of a collection! When offered to try a few shades, I thought - why not!?

Romantically Involved* is the one colour colour in the collection. Cos, I mean, an all grey collection would've been terribly boring, and red is supposed to represent love and passion and all that... I typically don't go for red nail polish (just like I'm not one for red lips), I feel like it's quite pedestrian...especially when I have so many other shades that I find way more exciting! I actually quite like the way Romantically Involved looks though, it's a slightly deeper neutral red with almost slight browny tones? It's very classy looking and goes really well with my skin tone! It applied easily and opaquely in two coats, though you could easily get away with one!

Embrace the Grey* (cringing hard at the name) is one of the couple of grey creams in the collection. I'm usually not one for greys either (I guess I'm really not a lover of neutral, typical 'boring' shades) but I can see the appeal of this slate-grey being a work appropriate, goes with everything sort of shade. A softer take on black if you will! I can definitely see myself using this in cooler weather as an easy neutral, or perhaps jazzing it up with some glitter or nail art. Opaque in two coats, though it could have gone on smoother!

My Silk Tie* is in between a frost (which I highly dislike) and a metallic/chrome shade. It's a silver shade that has that shiny/reflective effect of a chrome, but what gets me is that you can still see the brush strokes in the formula. I also find it quite jarring on my very yellow skin! While it's not the most flattering on me, nor my favourite finish, I can definitely see it's value as a nice 'party' shade. I probably wouldn't ever use it in a full manicure though! It went on well in two coats, but like I said the brush strokes are quite obvious!

So with six shades to choose from and most being from the grey family (obviously), I definitely think there's something that most people would enjoy! The shades are classic and wearable, and really quite sophisticated. They're definitely not shades I would typically go for, so it was fun to try them out!

Are you a 50 Shades of Grey fan?

*Products sent for consideration.