I Do Marathons...Y'Know, of TV Shows

Something you guys probably know about me is that I love watching TV. I basically have two interests; beauty and TV, and both seem to involve me being glued to my laptop haha :P I don't think I've ever done a standalone TV post, aside from mentioning favourites here and there. Since I've been on holidays for the past couple of months (Uni and classes officially start next week, eek!), you could say I've been watching a fair amount of shows, and a few marathons have been run conducted. These are just a few shows that I've been watching more recently! I've also watched Pushing Daisies, the first season of American Horror Story, Outlander, Halt and Catch Fire, and that's not even including the shows I already watch! Also, sorry if I'm rambly and not very insightful about the shows...I'm better at fangirling about them than actually "reviewing" them :P

Well would you look at Dean Thomas all grown up! Not gonna lie though, his character annoys the shit out of me. Anyway, this is another of Shonda Rhimes creations (I'm a big fan of Grey's Anatomy and I did really like Scandal though I've sort of stopped watching that one for now) and so far, it's addictive. The first half of season 1 was riveting, and because the story line is so intense, it's one of those that I can't really see progressing well into further seasons, but we'll see how it goes! It's just one of those shows that you just have to keep on watching.

Gotham is actually the first DC comics show I've watched and so far I'm really liking it! It's got me thinking maybe I should start watching Arrow/The Flash?? Gotham is basically the beginnings of the Batman story line with kid Bruce Wayne, a younger Jim Gordon (played by Ben Mckenzie - The OC mems!), various villains and a whole lotta origin stories. I don't really know why I like this show so much but I'm just into it. The acting is really good and I'm really enjoying the individual characters and storylines, as well as the overarching plot.

Yeeeeeew let's get some Marvel up in here! I'm a huge fan of Marvel's movies and Agents of Shield so of course I was going to start watching Agent Carter! I actually haven't watched the one shot movie thing(?), wot a travesty but I do seriously love Hayley Atwell and she was amazing in the first Captain America film - THE FEELZ. But yeah, Peggy is a serious BAMF, even when all the guys are being total dicks. Love Jarvis as well heh! But, I can't take Chad Michael Murray seriously haha :P

I was actually spurred on to start watching this from the reference I made in one of my recent posts lols, that and my friend had been rewatching it. The past couple of weeks have just been constant Community marathoning. Okay, maybe not constant, but it's just so easy to pick up and watch a comedy! I seriously forgot how much I loved this show, and I don't know why I stopped watching it! It's just so damn funny! I LOVE the characters (well, most of them, ESPECIALLY TROY AND ABED. THEY MAKE ME SO HAPPY) and I just love that there are SO many running gags and references to pop culture in it. It's witty, well done, diverse and just bloody hilarious. I'm currently mid-season four so no spoilers plz!

Spurred on to watch by Vanessa (of course) and also my continuing Lee Pace obsession, Wonderfalls is another show created by Bryan Fuller, and another show that ended too soon. RIP Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies (let's hope Hannibal doesn't go the same way). There's only one season and I sped through it pretty quickly. I wasn't so keen on it in the first episode, but damn it grew on me. It sort of has a random and nonsensical story line but I love it, and the characters are amazing too. I don't love the actress that plays the main character, but I grew to love her (she's funny, and very relatable haha!) and her crazy weird family/life/personality!

So...next on the list is Parks and Recreation, and I keep meaning to watch Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad. Anything else I should be watching? Also, if you want to see more of my geeky obsessions, check out my tumblr!