Monthly Favourites // May 2015

HOW ARE WE BASICALLY HALFWAY THROUGH THE YEAR. THIS IS INSANE. May has been a hectic month for me. In my friendship group, May is, like, THE birthday month so pretty much every weekend I had at least one birthday 'do to attend (mine included! ;) )! While it was extremely fun catching up with everyone, it also meant I was super busy. Coupled with gift shopping, work, study and procrastination, there was little time left for blogging unfortunately! My blogging schedule has been all out of whack (kills me) but hopefully everything will be back to normal once I finish exams on the 10th! I've been trying to keep my bloglovin' feed contained, but it's so easy for the blogposts to just PILE UP! So, I'm trying to catch up on those too! Anyway, favourites-wise, as you guys saw, I've gotten A LOT of new stuff lately so I've been trying it all and not really using any one product a lot. I've rounded up the things I've loved though, but maybe haven't used them a tonne.

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes
I got this little travel size (7 wipes) in a Priceline goodie bag and surprisingly I really like these! I have heard great things, and a lot of people buy them so I did expect them to be good! I like that the wipes are textured, but still quite soft. They're pretty moist too! I use these purely to remove makeup and then go and double cleanse afterward. They remove makeup well, I haven't even bothered with waterproof mascara even though they claim these can remove it! Y'all know I'm not spendy when it comes to products like these, but they're currently 50% off at Priceline! If you get the value pack (which I did), you can get 2 full size packs for like $5. Excellent value if you ask me considering one pack is like $8 (ridic).

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater
I bought this sometime in April and have been obsessed! I've been using it morning and night as a second toner and am already almost halfway through! I'm certainly getting through it quickly, but I do admit, I've been pretty spritz happy. I find it to be super refreshing and adds a bit of moisture which my skin just drinks up! I don't think it's life changing but I do love using it if my skin feels on the dry side after toning! It's pretty cheap too ($9) so I'll definitely be repurchasing!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
While I only hauled this last week, I actually bought it on my birthday (May 11th) so I've had it for quite a while! I have had quite a few new eyeshadows to try though, so I haven't been solely using this. I'm absolutely in love with the left side of the palette, in particular Salted Caramel and Marzipan which are daily faves for me! Salted Caramel is just such a gorgeous warm shade that transitions in the crease so well. The formula is buttery smooth and SO pigmented. And gah, the scent be delish. INHALE.

I used this more at the end of April and beginning of May, and I've done a full review but it definitely deserves another shoutout! This stuff is legit amaze. It's so pigmented, metallic and beautimous, isn't hard to blend at all and LASTS LIKE NO OTHER. Legit, with just primer underneath, it lasts all day with no creasing which is a feat indeed on my oily eyelids. This shade is perfect too, not too cray sparkly! 

Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara
I've had this shiz in my collection for the LONGEST time, like one and a half years long (unopened of course). I finally opened it since I finished my waterproof L'oreal mascara, and BY GOLLY, I'M IN LOVE. It's like I forgot how good Asian mascara formulations are?!?? This stuff gives me length, CRAY GOOD definition and fluttery lashes with a curl that lasts ALL DAMN DAY. It doesn't smudge either which is surprisingly hard to come by. My western mascaras pale in comparison. 

Stila Field of Florals Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Palette
I bought this at the same time as the Chocolate Bar Palette (yus, I was feeling vvv spendy) and I've used it on the cheeks almost every time I've worn makeup! The amount of shades in here is ridic so it feels like a new product every time (which it basically is)! I've been really liking using the Real Techniques Contour Brush to apply these actually, mostly because it fits into the small pans (only bad thang about it) but also because it applies them really well! Most worn have probably been Petunia and Peach Blossom!

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Pearlized in Lunch Money
I've really been loving ALL of my ColourPop stuff but couldn't really justify mentioning them since I've only worn them like once or twice each. I've been using Lunch Money quite a lot though, and drooools, basically. It's a bit washed out in this pic (who knew something could be TOO bright) but it's such a pretty pale champagne gold with a few sparkly bits, but it's not glittery at all. It gives the most divine metallic sheen on the cheeks, and the formula applies seamlessly with fingers!

Also more of an end of April, beginning May fave but a fave nonetheless. This shade is all sorts of awesome. It's like an MLBB, but Autumn appropriate. It's deeper, super mauve-toned but still so wearable and flattering. The matte finish is lightweight and actually isn't that drying! My lips have been so dry lately, but this hasn't ended up a flakey mess so that's a good sign!

I have a few random favourites as well!

Apparently I can't get enough of Andy Bull's album! I've been listening to it pretty much on repeat. His voice is super unique and, ngl, I totally thought he was a woman at first. Takes some getting used to, but man, I love it! Personal faves include Baby I am Nobody Now, Talk Too Much and Nothing is Wrong, but I pretty much love the majority of the songs on his album!

I've had Snapchat for ages, but recently a lot of youtubers have been getting it, and I've loved watching through their stories! It's like instant vlogging and I'm into it. Faves include Lilypebbles and Chloe Morello! My username is Shiwashiful if you want to add me ;) I don't really do stories though, but feel free to snap me up! Let me know in a comment what your username is so I know who you are if you do add me haha :P

Netflix Original Series: Orange is the New Black and Daredevil
So I touched on Netflix in my April favourites but it's been a fully fledged love this month. In a moment of weakness (being, procrastination) I started watching OITNB and pretty much whizzed through the first season in a few days. I've curbed that and am only up to episode 5 of season 2 but DAYUM, this shit is GOOD. Lives up to all of the hype! Can't even explain it, but I absolutely love all of the different characters! And of course, Daredevil which I actually finished at the end of April but had to mention. Charlie Cox is bae. But seriously, this show is da bomb. 10/10 would recommend. You've got action, a bit of comedy, eye candy, plus it's Marvel! 

A slightly rambly favourites (aren't they always), but I hope you enjoyed reading! Have you tried any of these products/do we have common random faves? ;)

*Product sent for consideration.