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You guys might already be sick of seeing the Lancome Juicy Shakers as they've been everywhere lately, but I figured they deserved a post to themselves! I mean, look at how adorable they are! The Juicy Shakers are a fresh take on the OG Juicy Tubes which I remember collecting as a kid (they came with GWPs that my mum and grandma got) and I used to think I was da shiz. Looking back, they were terribly sticky and sooo shimmery! Definitely outdated now. The updated version are essentially a lip oil - not sticky at all and super wearable! I purchased Freedom of Peach (of course) myself, but I was also lucky enough to win Bohemian Raspberry (A+ name) in Mel's giveaway. Thanks so much Mel! Anyway, let's dive into the review!

L-R: Bohemian Raspberry, Freedom of Peach

Bohemian Raspberry

Freedom of Peach

While the packaging is super novelty (and hella adorable!), Lancome have managed to keep it classy! The Juicy Shakers resemble mini cocktail shakers and push the idea that these must be shaken before use! Though these are small and stout, they do have weight and feel very sturdy. Inside, you'll find a little cone-shaped cushion applicator which is soaked with product that comes through three tiny holes (so it's not too soaked). The cushion is super soft and squidgy and applies product really well. You can swipe it on for a sheerer layer, or dab to get more colour.

The product itself is a bi-phase lip oil made up of a moisturising oil and pigment. As the name and packaging suggest, it must be shaken before use to combine the two! There are tiny metal balls in the product to assist with shaking (like in a nail polish). I have only tried one other lip oil (the Sephora one) which in my opinion, isn't really an oil - it's more of a balmy, lightweight gloss. These are most comparable to the YSL lip oils which I haven't tried but really want to! While the Juicy Shakers have an oily feel for sure, they don't feel like straight up oil that runs all over the lips or feels super slick. The texture is quite thin and leaves a very light layer on the lips. They are super comfortable to wear and you pretty much forget you have anything on your lips! They really do leave the lips looking juicy, plump and glossy, but they won't give an intense gloppy glossy look as they're so thin. While they are quite moisturising, they're not as moisturising as I would like or expected. If you have very dry lips, these won't remedy them at all, but of course won't dry them out further and will provide some comfort! In terms of pigmentation, these are definitely sheer lip products but it also depends on which shade you get. The lighter ones are definitely very sheer, providing only a tint, whereas the darker shades can get quite bold and can even stain the lips! You can layer these (and even mix shades!) to get a bit more pigmentation. The lasting power is the one major fault of these lip products. The oily feeling wears away very quickly and if the colour is faint, it will fade very quickly as well.

Bohemian Raspberry looks in the tube almost like a tomato-berry red, but actually swatches a lot pinker. On the lips it really does look like you rubbed a raspberry all over your lips! As I mentioned, this particular shade being darker does stain the lips! For the most part, the stain is even and not too patchy and gives a just bitten look. Another adorable aspect of the Juicy Shakers is that each has a unique scent! Bohemian Raspberry does smell sort of raspberry-ish, but less like the fruit and more like a perfume? There is definitely sweetness there though! And for those sensitive to scents, the scents are quite light and don't linger on the lips.

Freedom of Peach is a pale peachy-pink, with almost a pastel-neon vibe. As this shade is so pale (and my lips are so pigmented), I only get a faint tint of colour. That is sort of what I wanted though as an easy everyday lip product! It really is great for everyday and works almost like a tinted lip balm for me, but more glossy! Similarly to Bohemian Raspberry, Freedom of Peach smells more like a peach perfume but not sickly sweet or artificial at all.

Although lip oils aren't necessarily a new product, Lancome have managed to create a unique, fun product with a shade range to appeal to everyone! The novelty of the packaging and scents aren't tacky at all and make for a really cohesive, adorable product! I absolutely love these and if you find a shade you like, I totally recommend them!

What are your thoughts on the Juicy Shakers?

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