Monthly Favourites // July 2016

Back at it with the monthly faves! Monthly favourites posts have been the staple of my blog - I think I've only missed one month in all of the almost four years I've been blogging! This month and last month have been a weeeee bit stagnant though. It's mainly because I haven't been buying new products (pat on the back for me) and have been using the same products for the past few months! I have been trying to change things up and "shop my stash" but I can't help that I'm a creature of habit! I did manage to scrounge up a few products with only a couple repeat faves so lets get into it! Though, perhaps next month there won't be a monthly faves - we'll see!

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Make Up
I haven't mentioned this since the post where I hauled it. It's taken me a while to actually get into this just because I had other new bases that I favoured. I do really like it though and it's gotten a workout this month! Perhaps this mini review is coming a bit too late because I do believe it's been reformulated into the Water Blend face & body foundation...I think they're still pretty similar though? Basically, it's a very liquidy, almost jelly like formula that is quite sheer. It has a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturiser but the beauty of it is that it layers superbly. I've built this up a lot to a solid medium coverage and never does it end up looking thick, heavy or cakey on the skin. In fact it looks amazingly natural and a light layer looks like skin! The finish is quite dewy on the skin which increases the more you layer. For that reason, lasting power isn't amazing but it gets me through the day (set with powder of course). It's just a great customisable foundation that works for any skin day really!

I've mentioned this in a favourites before, but I recently wrote my review on it that kind of popped it back up on my radar! I went into detail on my thoughts on the formula in that post, and I find it has a solid formula, but in my opinion, it's nothing crazy special. I do adore this shade though - it's a matte, warm peach with a dusty orange quality. It's super flattering on my skin tone and goes with a lot of the typical eye and lip makeup I wear!

Again, I've raved about this before but I'm still in love with it! What with the recent hoopla about the face palette, and the champagne splits being released, I thought I'd give it another mention. I use this pretty constantly as the shade is very flattering on my skin tone. It's a warm, peachy gold that again, goes with everything I typically wear! The formula is intense, but I find I can sort of get away with a light dusting during the day. It's still quite shiny but hey, why not?! 

I also just posted my review on the full range of these lipsticks so I won't dwell! I really love the formula of these lipsticks, they really do feel like lip balm but give a decent tint to the lips (or quite intense with the bolder shades). Spin all Spring is the typical ME shade - a peachy pink - that I've found myself constantly using because it's super easy to apply and goes with everything!

Pixi Glow Tonic
I recently finished up my bottle of Alpha-H Liquid Gold* which meant I could finally whip this guy out. I find Glow Tonic to be a much more gentle formula, so great for chemical exfoliant beginners or those with sensitive skin! It still serves the same purpose as a chemically exfoliating toner though I find I can use it a little more often! My skin has been very happy lately (touch wood!) looking pretty clear and bright and I definitely think this has attributed to that!

A'kin Express Purifying Facial Masque*
I spoke about this in a skincare post a while ago now and have just neglected to mention it since - which is pretty terrible of me since I've been using it very regularly (1-2 times a week) and am actually almost finished the tube! I have to say, this is possibly one of my favourite clay masks. It's a very lightweight clay formula that you don't need to leave on the skin for long (hence "express") and I find it to be very gentle! My skin isn't super tight and dry after use but it still feels super clean and refreshed. It's a great pick for when your skin isn't super angry but needs a bit of a clear out and to maintain good skin!

NuMe Straightener
I bought the NuMe Curl Jam set quite a few months ago now and have been loving it! I keep forgetting to mention it though because I don't often talk about hair stuff on here - but I have been really liking it and can see why a lot of beauty peeps use their tools. This past month though I've especially been liking the straightener that was in the set! The set came with a curling wand with three attachments and this straightener which I'm not sure exactly what it's called. Anyways, most days I don't want super obvious 'curls' but a slight wave or 'bend' (as the cool kids say) to my hair. I've found a straightener to be the easiest way to achieve it! I usually do a quick 10 min run through my hair, doing the typical curling technique but running it through very quickly and leaving the ends out. The result is not too flouncy but just adds texture and a slight wave to my otherwise lifeless hair! Also I generally only do the top section of my hair (and not even all of it) because it doesn't matter if some bits are still straight! #lazy

Pokemon Go
Me, and everyone else in the dang world (or the countries that can access it :P) has been OBSESSED with Pokemon Go! It's just soooo addictive y'all. I'm a big pokefan and have been for many years! I was super excited when I realised this app had launched but unfortunately couldn't play it on my sucky iPhone 4s, so for the majority of the month I was playing it on my dad's phone (but of course I couldn't really GO anywhere with it). A couple of weeks ago though I upgraded my phone! To be honest, was 65% motivated to upgrade by Pokemon Go but also I've been wanting to upgrade for over a year now because my old phone suuuucked so much. Anyway, I'm sure you all know the gist of Pokemon Go by now, but I just love how it actually gets you out of the house and is interactive and brings people together! 

What have you guys been loving this month? Team Valor peeps hit me UP!

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