Empties #12

I don't know how I didn't realise it, but my empties bin has been piling up rapidly! An empties post was long overdue and I have a lot of products to go through that I've finished in the past four months or so. Feels good to get rid of all this clutter! I'm pretty sure I've talked about most of these products on the blog before, so I'll link relevant reviews where applicable! I'll try to make it snappy as I've got so much to go through! If you have any questions on any specific products, hit me up in the comments ;)

One of my favourite cleansers! I've written a full review - but basically it's a very thick, oily cream cleanser that borders on a balm. It does leave a residue so I recommend using a hot washcloth to wipe it off! It's extremely moisturising though and leaves the skin looking supple and glowy!
Repurchase? This is my third tub and I will probably repurchase in the future, but I have 3 balm cleansers on the go right now!

I totally didn't expect to like this but it made a lovely morning time cleanser or a second cleanse. It's light and refreshing and actually doesn't dry out my skin!
Repurchase? Probably not. It's a nice cleanser but nothing special!

People for Plants Foaming Cleansing Gel*
I actually really liked this cleanser! It was my go-to morning cleanser for a solid few months. It's a lightweight gel-jelly texture that doesn't "foam" too much, it moreso gently lathers. It's very refreshing but not at all drying.
Repurchase? I have a few cleansers on the go right now, but I would definitely repurchase in the future, especially in summer!

Evian Facial Spray*
One of those facial-waters-in-an-aerosol-can products. I used this to dampen my face before face masks, or when I was super hot and needed refreshing. A totally unnecessary product but it did make life easier!
Repurchase? No, it's just water in a can!

My favourite morning toner - and second bottle! Refreshing and clarifying, yet gentle and non-drying. I do think it helps keep acne at bay!
Repurchase? Already have! I was without it for a couple of days and sorely missed it!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold*
A super effective chemically exfoliating toner. It feels quite strong and can have a stinging sensation, but it definitely works. Even the night I use it, and the morning after, my face looks bright, radiant and smooth. It definitely helps even the skin tone with regular (and moderate) use!
Repurchase? I'm currently using Pixi Glow Tonic atm, but would definitely repurchase this in the future!

This product confused me a little. I used it as a night time toner and it lasted me quite a while. It's like a viscous texture that feels slightly hydrating on the skin. I think it had some ingredients that were supposed to even the skin tone but it was very gentle. I think over time and prolonged use it helped even my skin tone but not enough to warrant a repurchase!
Repurchase? No.

The Face Shop Calendula Face Mask and Tony Moly Rice Mask Sheet
I used a few sheet masks this quarter! I need to get into the habit of using them regularly, but they're a bit of an ordeal! The results are certainly worth it though. My face felt soooo smooth and nourished after using both of these, and I definitely noticed a difference in my general skin condition!
Repurchase? To me, most sheet masks feel the same so I will buy more but I'm not fussed as to which brand.

My second mini bottle, and I'm currently on a full size. It took a while to start seeing results, but I definitely think this serum has made a difference. Very gentle and hydrating - lovely for the morning!
Repurchase? After I finish my current one and other serums, I'd definitely consider it!

Still one of my favourite rose hip oils. It just seems the most potent (probably due to the smell and colour) but I definitely think it makes the most difference to my skin tone, texture and hydration.
Repurchase? I have so many oils to go through but I would definitely repurchase!

More of a facial oil than a serum, and a super rich one at that. It's very oily but extremely nourishing so I loved it for winter nights.
Repurchase? I really enjoyed it so perhaps for next winter!

Absolutely loved this! Quite an oily night cream but not heavy on the skin. A little goes a long way and it is extremely nourishing on the skin.
Repurchase? When I'm in need of a new night cream, will definitely consider this one!

You know.
Repurchase? You know.

Aah I finally finished this guy! I've been using this mixed with the Garnier Oily/Combo BB Cream (which is miraculously still going) for legit a couple of years? Solid product though. Great coverage, a natural satin finish that lasts extremely well.
Repurchase? Not looking to buy it right now, but in the future if I came across it, would definitely consider!

The best drugstore concealer I've tried! I'm currently using Sand for my undereyes and it works amazingly. The coverage isn't super high, but it's not drying, nor does it cling to dryness. It blends easily and I really like it - dare I say moreso than NARS which I'm trying to get through now (I think I've just fallen out of love with that one?).
Repurchase? Definitely in the future! I want to finish my NARS one first, then I want to try Urban Decay and Laura Mercier, so probably not anytime soon.

Finally forced myself to use the dregs that have been hanging around for a while. Lovely body lotion - very hydrating yet lightweight. I'm not fussy with body lotion though!
Repurchase? Probably not, it's a bit pricey.

Not an oil, more of a very thick, oily-feeling body lotion. Extremely nourishing though you can definitely feel it on the skin.
Repurchase? Hmm, probably not but wouldn't be against it!

Lush Fun*
I just used this like a soap in the shower - ripped off a bit and lathered it on the body. It worked well and actually moisturised the skin slightly. I felt like I went through it really quick though since I used a decent chunk of it each time.
Repurchase? No, but I actually have a pink one which I got as a gift.

Loreal Everstrong Shampoo and Conditioner
I thoroughly enjoyed these two - felt very moisturising and reparative on the hair without being super thick, greasy or heavy. Since I chopped my hair though, I'm not in need of "repairing" products so I'm currently using more "texturising" products.
Repurchase? Probably if/when my hair gets damaged again!

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge
Great brush cleaner though I feel it can dry out my brushes a little bit. I'm currently using Dr Bronner's which is much more "moisturising".
Repurchase? Probably in the future - it's a bargain!

S H O P  T H E  P O S T  >>
*Products sent for consideration.

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