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I'm resurrecting a somewhat "old" series today, and coming at you with a brand spotlight post! I haven't done one of these in a while and I'm not sure why because I still have a lot of brands in my collection that I need to go through and document! Anyway, today I'll be walking you through my MAC collection. MAC is probably the brand you think of when you think of makeup. It's arguably the brand with the widest range of products and shades, and one that I'm sure all of us have had an obsession with at some stage. It was only when I was pooling together my MAC products for this post that I realised I actually have quite a few of their products, but there are only a few that I use really often! Like most brands, there are products that I love and hate from them!

MAC lipsticks are probably my favourite items from them. There's something about have a bunch of MAC lipsticks together that I find so satisfying. The range of shades and formulas is almost unparalled (though some brands are now coming out with huuuge lipstick ranges!) and there is definitely something there for everyone.

Soar lip pencil
I have one of their lip liners in Soar - the shade made famous by Kylie Jenner. To be quite honest, I haven't used it terribly much! Absolutely no fault on its part - it's very pigmented and applies well, albeit it is a little dry which makes it very precise and long lasting. The shade is definitely up my alley as well, it's a brown-ish mauve which suits a lot of my lipsticks, BUT I just always forget about lip liner! Most of the other liners I have don't get much of a workout either. It's a good formula for sure, but I need to make a bit more effort in the liner department!

Patisserie (Lustre)
Definitely my most worn MAC lipstick, and possibly most worn out of my whole collection? I adore this lipstick and most of the time it lives in my handbag as it's so easy to apply and will go with everything. It's a slightly peachy-rose MLBB shade with a slightly sheer, shiny formula. The one thing I abhor about this lipstick is that it has glittery bits in it - the kind that stick to your lips even when the lipstick wears off. I hate them! But - I deal with them because this is my perf no-fuss lippie.

Kinda Sexy (Matte)
My second favourite! A peachy-brown nude that I loooove! It's super flattering on my skintone and really goes with the warm eyeshadow looks that I'm so fond of. The MAC matte formula is excellent - creamy and very pigmented. Like most mattes, it is slightly drying but not terrible, and it lasts really well.

Mehr (Matte)
Mehr is the kind of shade that looks different on a bunch of people. On me, I like it, but it's not my favourite. It pulls a bit pink which isn't ideal, but it's still a gorgeous colour. It is definitely a pinky-mauvey-brown shade that I feel is a bit more "bold" than a MLBB. Same lovely matte formula though!

Desire (Lustre)
One of my first MAC lipsticks that I got as a hand-me-down from my sister. Same formula as Patisserie (sans glitter), Desire is a deep brownish red. It actually looks quite nice on but I pretty much never wear it. I'd rather a full impact bold lip when I go for a shade this dark.

Flat Out Fabulous (Retro Matte)
Flat out fab indeed - this is a super stunning, bold fuchsia-purple shade. Like most colours like this, it pulls more pink on me (when I want it to be more purple) but it's still gorg nonetheless! The retro matte formula is MATTE. It's very dry and almost feels powdery. It can drag a little and be quite drying, but again, not terrible. The lasting power is incredible though!

Viva Glam Nicki (Satin)
I think I've worn this once? Viva Glam Nicki is an intensely bright bubblegum pink. On some people it pulls kinda peachy-pink - which is what I really wanted, but unfortunately the cool tones come out on me. It's very bright and quite pastel and overall not super flattering. I can mix it though so it's not a total loss! The satin formula is very pigmented and creamy with the slightest sheen that fades quite quickly.

Morange (Amplified)
Morange is a super bright, red-toned orange. I have worn this a few times and I did really like it back in my bold-lip hey-day, but it doesn't get as much wear these days. Still a stunning colour and a very wearable orange! I don't detect too much difference between the satin and amplified formulas!

Opulash mascara
If you guys have been following me for a while, you'll know this is one of my favourite mascaras. Yes it's the same tube....please don't judge me! It's still fine, okay?! The thing I love most about this mascara is that it does. not. smudge. Apparently that's because it's a tubing mascara? Though when removing it I haven't noticed it "tube" off. Anyways, it's not an overly dramatic mascara, but it gets the job done and can be built up. 

Going Casual (Cremesheen glass), Colour Saturation (Cremesheen glass), Boys Go Crazy (Dazzleglass) and Demure (Dazzleglass creme)
These are some lipglosses I got in a holiday set a couple of years ago. I didn't mind the cremesheen glasses - they were pretty pigmented and not too sticky, though I don't get a lot of use out of them now. I don't recommend the Dazzleglasses or even the regular lip glasses, they are way too sticky! I didn't bother swatching these here because I think these shades were LE, but there are swatches here in my original haul!

Vintage Vamp nail lacquer
Random mini that I got in a holiday set - I gave away the two other products that came with it. This isn't amazing, it's an alright nail polish. MAC polishes don't get raves, and they don't deserve them!

Iridescent Loose Powder in Silver Dusk
I'm not 100% sure if this is still available - I'm sorry if it isn't! Though, I pretty much never use it so it's nothing to write home about. I actually really liked this - even before the whole highlighter craze! Firstly, it's loose which is probably the main reason why I don't use it. It just way too messy and with a sparkly powder like this - it's pretty annoying. The powder itself is definitely sparkly but not overly so. It gives a very pretty shimmery sheen. The colour isn't ideal for me either, it's quite silvery but actually not unflattering on me!

Mineralised Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle
Much more up my alley, Soft & Gentle is a beige-champagne highlighter in a pressed/baked form! It's comparatively warm-toned, but on me it's quite neutral and quite the "nude" highlighter. It is quite shimmery, but not crazy metallic and intense, so I quite like it for everyday (applied lightly!). I really like the formula as well, pretty pigmented (but not overly so) and it just looks very pretty on the cheekbones!

My absolute favourite blush! Warm Soul is probably my perfect blush. It's a gorgeous peachy-bronze shade that is so flattering on my skintone. It's a warm shade that is "nude" enough that it will go with everything! It also has a beautiful golden sheen that doubles as a highlighter when I'm in a rush. It has a stunning formula that is so easy to apply. The perfect no-fuss blush!

All That Glitters eyeshadow (Veluxe Pearl)
MAC eyeshadows are not worth it in my opinion! Yeah, I've only tried two, but I find them to be averagely pigmented and rather dry in application. I do really like All That Glitters, because the golden-pinky-peach shade is right up my alley, but you can definitely find similar shades in better formulas. Plus, they are soooo expensive! (in Australia at least)

Vintage Bloom (finish unknown)
I'm almost certain this is a discontinued shade, I bought it for cheap at the Estee Lauder corporate store. Funnily enough, this is quite similar to Just Peachy in the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, though probably a bit more pink. Point is - it's basically a blush! It's also quite sheer (the swatch needed building up) and very dry in the pan. Nothing much to say since I never wear it! :P

So there's an overview of my MAC collection, which is extremely small compared to other peoples! I haven't tried a lot from them but to be honest, I'm not itching to! There are definitely products from them that I consider staples, but things like the exorbitant price markup here in Australia are definitely deterring me from purchasing more! Though there are still items on my wishlist, like a bunch more lipsticks! And also, I honestly don't use half these products but I'm keeping them around for the day I do Back 2 MAC (plus I'm a hoarder soooo).

What are your must-haves from MAC?

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