Flashin' Those Pearly Lights

Remember how I said I was content with my highlighter collection...? Whelp - here I am with a brand new one to add to the stash (aaaand I also got the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero palette haha :P )! To be fair though, my lovely friends Lucy and Jacinta (shoutouts!) gave this to me for my birthday, so it's really not my fault that they're feeding my addiction... The highlighter palette in question is the collaboration between Smashbox and Casey Holmes - the Spotlight Palette in Pearl. This wasn't one that really caught my attention very much, but I'm actually really liking it so big ups to ma mates. Also do ya like the title, pearly lights...pearly whites? Geddit?

L-R: Turn it On, Crank it Up, Blow a Fuse

The Smashbox Spotlight Palettes contain a trio of highlighters packaged in a cute, practical compact. It's quite small and has a mirror which is handy! The outside has a cute design on it but I'm not the hugest fan of the feeling of it. The top has like a shinier plastic overlay which almost feels a little rubbery/sticky. Not like STICKy but just a little? Y'know? It's not a big deal but the sensation can be a bit odd haha. 

Smashbox came out with two of these little highlighter trios, Pearl and Gold. Gold is a bit darker and (obviously) more gold and warm-toned. While Pearl is targeted towards those with fairer skin, I would say that the last two shades might be a little dark for the palest of the pale. The shades included are Turn it On, Crank it Up and Blow a Fuse. The highlighters get a bit more intense as you progress which I really like the idea of because you can vary the intensity - whether you want a more everyday look or something for going out. It gives it a bit more diversity compared to other palettes which all have the same finish.

Turn it On is the most pearly - a pale cream-beige shade that has a slight warm/yellow tone to it. The finish is definitely glowy, but it's not intensely metallic or glittery which I really like. While it's the most "subtle", it still gives a really pretty glow to the cheeks.

Crank it Up is slightly more metallic than Turn it On, but still really wearable. It's a touch deeper and a lot more of that pinky champagne colour. I think it's a really flattering shade that would suit quite a few skin tones, whether they be cool or warm. This is probably my favourite shade!

Blow a Fuse is unfortunately my least favourite. Like I said, as you go along, the shades get more intense and I guess Smashbox then thought it would be a good idea to put glitter in this shade. I know my swatch gets a little blurry (sorry!), but you can still tell that there are obvious silver glittery/shimmery particles in this one that REALLY stand out. It's just not flattering and looks like glitter fallout on the cheeks! The base isn't even intensely metallic/foiled like some BLINDING highlighters, which probably makes the glitter stand out even more. The texture is even noticeably more gritty, compared to the other two which are quite creamy and smooth. The shade is also quite similar to Crank it Up - just a touch more silvery. So yeah, unfortunately this one just didn't work out for me, BUT! I actually really like it as an eyeshadow! Patted over the lid it looks really pretty and sparkly, and catches the light beautifully. 

So two out of three isn't bad! I'm pretty disappointed that the last shade is so glittery, because it could've been a really amazing palette otherwise! I am thoroughly enjoying the first two shades though. I find them to be really wearable, and are kind of the perfect everyday highlighter - they're not so intense but still give more glow than my other more "subtle" highlighters. Between the two I can vary the intensity by wearing them alone or mixing them together. 

What are your thoughts on Smashbox's Spotlight Palettes?

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