Monthly Favourites // April 2017

MAYDAY, MAYDAY! IT'S MAY...DAY! Yup, that's right. It's the first of May...HOW. I cannot belieb we are already in May (my birthday month!) - this year is going crazy quick. I didn't do a monthly favourites last month because I was pretty busy but also I wasn't loving much new stuff. I have quite a few products worth talking about this month though so let's get into them!

I have been thoroughly enjoying this foundation! It's been my go-to for events or when I want a fuller coverage foundation. It's quite a thick consistency, but I find it still applies really well and never looks cakey or thick. It has a really good medium-full buildable coverage and a rather natural (neither dewy nor matte) finish. I also find lasting power to be pretty great as well, my oils do come through a bit but I'm happy to say I'm no greaseball by the end of the night! A really great all-round foundation that I think would suit almost all skin types!

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer in SC-5
I've literally been wanting this concealer for years - remember when Lisa Eldridge used to rave about it? I don't know why I kept putting off the purchase - well, for one it's really expensive ($55) and I wasn't sure about a hard, dry concealer. I decided to bite the bullet though since I've basically finished up my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and was in the market for a new one. I ended up buying the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer BUT turns out there's no shade that matches me exactly. I ended up purchasing Light Warm which was a risk since there wasn't a tester. Long story short - it was too light, plus I found the coverage to actually be pretty weak and while it faired better under the eyes, I didn't enjoy it around the face. 

SO I returned it and finally purchased the Laura Mercier one! And here we are! I'm so glad I bought it because it's LEGIT. It can be a bit tricky to work with since it's so dry, but either warming it up on the back of your hand or cutting through it with a little liquid foundation really helps. I use a tiny brush and paint it over my spots and gently pat it in with my finger. This is truly full coverage and even when I blend it in, it doesn't blend away which I find common with liquid concealers. It also lasts amazingly and it really is a must for spot concealing! It can cling to flakiness (on dry spots) - but honestly what doesn't!

RCMA No Colour Powder
While I haven't been going ham baking with this, I do really enjoy it for setting under my eyes and in my t-zone - in addition to a coloured powder. I find it sets really well but never looks overly matte or powdery. It helps keep oil at bay and makes things look a bit smoother!

Essence Lip Liner in In the Nude
I certainly don't talk about this enough but it's my favourite lip liner. Firstly, it's DIRT cheap but an absolutely stellar product. It's not super creamy, but I enjoy the texture because it actually adheres to the lips and lasts well. The shade is amazing too - arguably my perfect nude. It's a good depth and has a slight brown tone. Super flattering and matches a bunch of lipsticks and glosses!

I went off the mauve lips for a minute there but I'm getting back into them as the weather has cooled down! Perhaps it's time for a Mauve colour families post :P Anyway, I haven't worn this is a while but I don't know why because it's a stunner and so flattering on me! It's the perfect mauve shade that's deep enough to make a statement, but still wearable for everyday. The formula is amazing too - matte, long lasting but still really comfortable.

DHC Olive Energy Cleansing Oil
Since I finished my last cleansing oil, I've been working through this one which I managed to scrounge together from a bunch (emphasis on BUNCH) of foil samples. I really love this cleansing oil! It's super effective and gets everything off, but it emulsifies really well and washes off very cleanly. It pretty much leaves no residue behind!

Amie Petal Perfect Gently Cleansing Micellar Water*
Micellar waters aren't my first choice for makeup removal. I don't find them to be as effective as an oil and just a bit of a waste of a cotton pad? Lel. I really never saw the hype with Bioderma, but I've really been enjoying this one! I actually find it to be really effective and removes makeup well with no stinging or tugging. It's doesn't really hack it with waterproof mascara but everything else is fine. I love it for fixing up makeup mistakes, like cleaning up liquid liner with a cotton bud. It also works well to freshen up the skin before makeup application - if you're applying makeup later in the day and oils have accumulated.

Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Nail Color in Rose Poudre
I picked this up in the last Priceline sale. I went in wanting a blush nude nail polish and this was the closest I could find. It's not exactly what I envisioned, but it is a gorgeous blushy-mauvey-nude-cool shade and I adore it! I wore it for like a month straight which is saying something! I wore it for my sister's wedding and thought it was such a pretty, flattering and classy shade. The formula is also phenomenal. It's like a gel-shiny texture, opaque and smooth in two coats and lasts AGES!

S H O P  T H E  P O S T  >>
*Product provided for consideration. 

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