Monthly Favourites // May 2017

As always, May has come to a close quite quickly! It was my birthday month so I was fairly spoilt, got my fair share of loyalty program freebies and had an amazing night out mini golfing with my buds! I actually did quite a bit of shopping this month too (haul to come! Once my final order arrives...), so there will be plenty of new reviews and content coming soon! I've got a few assessments in the coming couple weeks, but I'm free after that! I have a select few favourites for this month, but some new products that I thought I'd share with you!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Light Beige*
Bourjois have recently reformulated and repackaged their cult favourite Healthy Mix foundation and I was lucky enough to be sent a bottle! I'm a huge fan of Bourjois bases, their Happy Light foundation is one of my favourites (though it was sadly discontinued I think), and the Healthy Mix Serum foundation is lovely but a little too greasy for my oily skin. Though I hadn't tried the original Healthy Mix, from what I understand it hasn't changed much! I have only had it for a couple of weeks, but I've worn it a good few times and absolutely love it. It's really very similar to the Happy Light foundation in fact - a beautifully natural, satin finish with a light-medium buildable coverage. I love the effortlessness of Bourjois bases and it really looks like skin and gives a healthy (duh!) radiant (but not too glowy) finish. Lasting power could be improved - my oils come through as always and it has the tendency to fade a little - but that's a lot to do with my skin type. My other gripe with it (and Bourjois in general) are their lack of shades. They only have 8 shades (I think) and they are all very yellow and in the middle of the spectrum. They really don't cater for very light, or very deep skintones, or those more neutral/pink in tone. Thankfully light beige suits me perfectly, but it's something to note.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory*
Another brand that recently reformulated their foundation and concealer range! It's quite a co-winky-dink because both claim to be "anti-fatigue". I certainly have a post in mind comparing the Wake Me Up and Healthy Mix foundations. But! Today I'm talking about the Wake Me Up concealer because I've really been liking it. The shade Ivory is the lightest in the range (out of three) which is concerning, but as it's a couple shades lighter than my skin, works really well as a brightening, under-eye concealer. The coverage is quite light (not heavy duty) but it's very lightweight and sits well under the eyes. There's no cakiness, dryness and I don't notice any creasing! I've certainly been reaching for it when I need help looking brighter and more awake!

My last post was a review all about this baby so I won't dwell on it. I've been loving the first two shades as everyday, wearable-but-still-glowy highlighters. They're very wearable and flattering shades that I think would suit a fairly wide range of skintones. That being said, I quite dislike the last shade in the palette as it's very glittery - quite unfortunate really!

The Comforter really is "like a cuddle in a bottle". Especially as the weather cools down, using this is such a pamper! It lathers really nicely and feels so soft and luscious. My skin feels fairly moisturised after as well which is lovely. The scent is gorgeous - very calming and "comforting".

I really haven't talked about this a lot on the blog, but to be fair, I only really started using it consistently in the past couple of months! I don't know why it took me so long to incorporate it more regularly in my routine but I really notice results with this. It's essentially an exfoliating "facial" that you apply to the face, slightly dampen your fingers to "activate" the vitamin C and massage into the skin, and leave on for a minute. I find when I am rubbing it in with damp hands, it really exfoliates my skin but not in a scrubby way! It's quite gross, but I think my dead skin starts pilling off and I can feel the dead skin go rubbery and come off! It's insane! Now...the gross little "bits" could be dead skin, or they could be the product balling up making me think it's dead skin but either way...after use, my skin is extremely smooth and a bit brighter and more even. Also! It's the ONLY thing that gets rid of the flaky skin around my nose. It's not flaky per se, but you know the dead skin that just accumulates in the crevices around the nose? Anyway, I swear no other form of exfoliation gets rid of it but this does! Having used it consistently the past two months, my skin has been in pretty good condition!

Skinstitut L-lactic Cleanser*
As a big fan of Skinstitut products, I was excited to try this Lactic acid cleanser! It's a lot more of a liquidy-gel consistency that gently lathers. I find it to be a little more drying than the Glycolic Cleanser, but my skin does feel a little more clarified after use. I really enjoy using this with my Purasonic cleansing brush as the lather really helps the product spread, and it amplifies its exfoliation! After using it my skin feels smooth and looks tight (not tight as in dry but tight as in taught and lifted...if that makes sense). 

Master of None Season 2
One of my fave comedies returned this month! I absolutely loooved the first season and was so excited for the second. People, it did not disappoint! It is still just as hecking funny, clever, witty and out-of-the-box. Arguably, I enjoyed this season more because I think I liked the overarching story a bit more, but the storylines of each individual episode were amazing too. All black and white "The Thief" set in Italy was refreshing, and a lot of the episodes focused more on characters other than Dev which I found to be really interesting. I just adore this show so much! Aziz Ansari is the best and I love how it doesn't feel like I'm watching a TV show really - like it doesn't feel like they're acting but more like I'm just watching real people navigating the intricacies of everyday life and relationships. Allora! 

Sidenote - also watched season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which also came out this month and I loved it! Titus is my FAV. Anyways, how was your guys' month of May? 

*Products gifted for consideration. 

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