What I've Been Watching #8

Whelp! It's actually my birthday today - so that's exciting I guess! (Actually writing this the day before so technically not really lel). Sorry I'm not here with an insightful and reflective post on my 20 years on this planet, but I'm coming at you with a TV post which in my opinny is way better ;) As per the usual, these are all Netlfix shows cos it's just DANG convenient. That being said, quite a few of my favourite shows are back, like Veep and Silicon Valley. Also, Agents of Shield is almost over but its latest episodes have been FIRE. So good. Anyways - here are the shows I've been watching recently and (shocker!), I actually don't like all of them!!

13 Reasons Why
So unless you were living under a rock for the past couple of months, you would have heard about 13 Reasons Why. This show has been getting major hype and attention, and it's actually been quite controversial. If you hadn't heard, it's about a teenage girl who commits suicide, and leaves a series of tapes where she explains the reasons why she killed herself. It's quite depressing but I really, really loved it. The emotions really build towards the second half/end of the season and it gets very heavy. It's been causing a lot of controversy because some people claim it glorifies suicide, and many mental health organisations have condemned it for that reason. I can totally see that argument, and definitely think some people who may be feeling suicidal or depressed probably shouldn't watch this because it could adversely affect them. That being said, I also think it draws attention to issues of suicide, depression, bullying and sexual assault and sheds light on them, and maybe shows how a person can be drastically affected by the tiniest actions. I think it's an incredibly powerful story, and there is some amazing acting in here. It's been renewed for a second season which I think I'm happy about. There were definitely a few loose ends at the end of the first season that need addressing but I also hope they won't stray too far away from Hannah!

Marvel's Iron Fist
If you know me, and if you read my blog's TV ramblings, you'd probably expect a raaaave review about the latest installment in the Marvel-Netflix series. Well...you'd be wrong because I actually kinda HATED this show and I have some strong feelings. Look, I guess HATE is a strong word, but I was seriously, seriously disappointed. I had high hopes and I think it had the opportunity to be great, but it really wasn't. Iron Fist is essentially about a young boy named Danny Rand (whose father is the founder of a huge chemical-whatever, multi-billion(?) dollar company) who survives a plane crash in which his parents die. He lands in Kun-Lun (which is in Tibet) where he learns Kung Fu and becomes the "Immortal Iron Fist" and gets some powers which means his fist is all glowy... ANYway, he returns to America like 15 years later and everyone's like wtf I thought you were dead, and he tries to get back his company and fights some villains, etc etc. Honestly, if you couldn't tell, the plot was pretty crap and slow moving and I just didn't really care. For a show that is also supposedly all about that expert kung fu, the action sequences were pretty weak and poorly choreographed. I mean, c'mon, Daredevil was SO much better. But perhaps the most annoying thing about the show was Danny Rand himself. The character was just SO ANNOYING and his choices were often really dumb and like...ugh he was really unlikeable in my opinion. I didn't like the actor who played him either (Finn Jones) who is a Brit and his American accent was preeeetty bad. What really pissed me off though, was the news that a half asian guy named Lewis Tan COULD have played Danny. He's also a stunt guy and is like a LEGIT kung fu master so you know his fight scenes would've been awesome. He's actually in episode 8 and he plays a villain and he was gooood. I won't go into it here, but I really think it was a missed opportunity to have an Asian-American character - Lewis said it pretty well himself. [Also it was SO CRINGE when (WHITE) Danny tried to school all these Asian characters on how to be Asian, and when he started randomly speaking Chinese to another Chinese-American character. Bllggghh please STOP. Cringe is actually the word I would use to encapsulate my viewing experience.] //Rant over

YAAAAS GIVE ME THAT GOOD QUALITY TRASH. Lawd I have been LOVING Riverdale, and it ends tomorrow! What will I do with my life?! If you haven't been watching Riverdale, honestly what have you been doing with your life?! Based on the Archie Comics characters (which I used to love reading), it's basically a classic teen drama with an intertwining murder mystery and intriguing character relationships. Ooh Ah! I love it because it's trash that doesn't deny that it's trash, but is actually really good tv... It's just addictive and I'm unashamedly in love with it. That last episode tho - SHOOKETH.

Grace and Frankie
I'm only mid-way through season two on this, so not completely finished but I've just been enjoying this for when I want something short to watch. It's a sweet comedy about two women whose husbands leave them...for each other! Plot twist! The relationship between Grace and Frankie is adorable and they truly are best friends who both love and hate each other. It's also pretty hilarious and I think it's refreshing to see older characters on a show. It's not something I thought I would like but it's great and while maybe not relatable for me, it's definitely understandable!

Please let me know what you guys have been watching lately! I have quite a bit I need to catch up on - I need to finish Legion, start season 2 of Sense8, and I also really want to watch Big Little Lies! Also a bunch of shows are coming back in the next month or so that I'm excited for like Master of None (tomorrow!), House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

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