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Something you guys may or may not know about me is that I am a glasses-wearer! I'm short-sighted and while my vision isn't terrible (I don't wear my glasses around the house), I definitely need to wear my glasses whenever I go out. I've come to actually really love wearing glasses - I think of them as an accessory and find they add another element of interest to my face. One thing about me though is that I'm pretty sensitive in the sun - I get super squinty and my eyes start watering if I look into the sun for too long lmao. So - prescription sunglasses are a must for me! I've amassed quite the collection of glasses (more than pictured), but I recently got a few new pairs that I thought I'd share with you guys!

Bailey Nelson Frederique / Cherry Blossom
These are my new(ish) glasses from Bailey Nelson. The other two pairs pictured above that I haven't featured elsewhere in this post are also from Bailey Nelson (I'm not featuring them just because they're my old ones!). I absolutely love Bailey Nelson because they have an amazing range of glasses and sunglasses - some are very hipster-y, some more eccentric but also a lot of basic frames. The frames themselves are really affordable too considering their quality and variety of styles! Of course the price will go up depending on how strong of a lens you need. Frederique is such a pretty style that also looks great as sunglasses. They are very mid-century inspired - round (but not too circular) and have a really nice metal arch/bridge. The nosepads are comfortable and mean the frames sit off of my face - considering I barely have a nose bridge! These frames are quite large so they suit my bigger face well, and the relatively thick frame makes them stand out amongst my dark features, but the pink and brown mottled colour keep them soft!

Now, as I mentioned, I wear prescription sunglasses so I never buy normal sunglasses. I get serious fomo when I see everyone wearing all these super cool sunglasses that I'll never get to wear (I rarely wear contact lenses - I can't be bothered, it's too much effort!)! That being said, when I was in Melbourne, I popped into a Topshop that was closing and had all it's stuff on clearance. Their rack of Quay sunnies were only $10 a pop so I decided to buy a pair! I found this one and I really love it. They're pretty trendy but they're not too crazy so I hope I can get some wear out of them - though I haven't yet because I haven't worn contacts since I got them... haha! I love that they're huge and they have a flat, mirrored lens. The colour of the lens is so cool, it's like rose gold/pink but also sometimes flashes a little blue? Of course it does depend on what it's reflecting haha! The shape is like a "bubble" cat eye, and I think they're fairly flattering and comfortable. The quality is okay, not amazing though and I'm not sure I would pay full price for these!

GlassesShop.com actually reached out to me and asked if I would like to try out one of their frames. I hadn't really explored their site before, but I found they actually do quite a nice range of eyeglasses - some quite trendy but they've also got the classics. And of course, they are really affordable so I gladly said yes! I was wary of buying glasses online, just because there isn't the opportunity to try the pair on, see if they suit your face, are comfortable, etc. They have a tool where you can put the glasses on a photo of your face, but of course it isn't the same! The process of putting your prescription in is easy to follow, and my glasses came in great - the prescription is perfect and there's nothing funky about them! 

The thing about prescription sunglasses though is that they can get really expensive - especially when you get polarised lenses etcetera. So, there really isn't the opportunity to get a bunch and change them up with every look! :( While I have my pair of polarised prescription sunnies from Bailey Nelson, I really did want the option of having more pairs. That's where sites like GlassesShop come in! They're affordable and have a great range, but of course - are still prescription. I got the Road Round style because I've wanted to try this style of round metal frames for a while - they're quite similar to those Ray Ban ones. The quality isn't amazing (as expected considering how cheap they are), but it's not bad! They sit comfortably on the face and work just as well as any other pair. I love that the lens on these is really dark and are mirrored too. I'm not sure why but Bailey Nelson doesn't do prescription mirrored lenses (must be due to the polarisation?) so I thought I would be missing out on the mirrored-ness haha! I really like this style but I don't think they're 100% flattering on my face. I do wish the lens was a bit bigger because I don't think they really suit my large face and make my cheeks look a bit big! I still really like them though, and I'm happy with them! If you're thinking of trying them out, GlassesShop.com also gave me the code 'GSHOT50' for 50% off all eyeglasses and sunglasses that have free lenses!

So there we have it - a few new pairs of glasses I've recently added to my collection! What do you think of them? Any other fellow four-eyes out there? :)

*Product sent for consideration. 

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