Haul // Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics #3

Priceline's twice yearly 40% off sale is upon us again and I popped in yesterday to have a squiz. When it comes to these sales, I'm usually armed with a meticulous wishlist and I'm in and out in a flash, but this time there really wasn't anything I had a hankering for and I just decided to go in and wing it (but wing it responsibly of course)! I think I was really restrained, there were a few items that went into my basket that I later put back (props to me), but there were a couple impulse buys as well. The sale ends today, so it's not too late to pop in and bag a bargain!

Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder in Darkest Brown
Throwing it back to my very first face powder! I've hit pan on my current L'oreal one so I thought I'd grab a backup. I was going to get the L'oreal True Match again, but I wasn't sure if the Australian one was the same formula as the one I have from the US, plus it's so much more exxy! This Australis one is great though - adds a little coverage and sets to a soft matte - but not cakey or dry - finish. A cult fave for a reason!

Essence All About Matt! Oil Control Paper
I'm an oily bish but I'm sooo lazy with touching up my makeup aka I never do it. Sometimes though my face is sooo greasy that I have to blot with something, and that usually ends up being a tissue (which, to be fair, does the job). I figured I should finally pick up a thingy of blotting papers so I could at least be a bit more...hygienic? I did have some from Daiso but I lost them, and they weren't in a cardboard case (just like a ...notepad) so they got all scrunched up in my bag lmao.

Essence Lipliner in Honey Berry
The Essence lipliners are absolutely BOMB - and they're only $2 a piece (less in the sale of course). I'm surprised I don't have them all, but then again, their shade range could definitely be improved. I randomly decided to grab this one because it looked like a nice colour. There wasn't a tester unfortunately, and the actual colour is a little more of a berry-fuchsia-pink, rather then a straight berry like I would've liked, but it's still lovely!

Essence My Must Haves Eyeshadow in Miss Foxy Roxy
I picked up this little guy to complete my little quad palette. This is such a beautiful shimmery bronze shade that has a beautifully smooth and pigmented formula. Really lovely and mate...like $2 or something?! Craziness.

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara 
My last Essence product! I've been meaning to get this for ages but I was waiting until I'd finished my Benefit Gimme Brow (which I'm scraping the sides for). This is supposedly a dupe for Gimme Brow, and I've got high hopes. As much as I love Gimme Brow, it's really not worth the $30-some for such a tiny tube of product. I could literally buy like 10 of these for the same price.

Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment
A repurchase! I absolutely love this stuff and my old bottle isn't completely finished - there's a bit at the bottom - but it is sooo gloopy it's basically unusable. I find this so effective as a base and top coat though. It leaves a shiny finish, but literally extends the wear time of my nail polish by like a week - no lie (okay maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but I get away with 2 weeks of wear basically!). 

Essie Island Hopping
I randomly spotted this on the stand and thought it was a new shade because I've never seen it before! But actually maybe it's not from some googling. Anyway this shade jumped out at me! It's like a deep purple, but like a dusty-mauve toned one. I think it looks really chic and I don't have anything like it. 

Considering most of the stuff I bought was from Essence - I didn't spend too much cashola! What did you guys end up getting from the sale?

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