What I've Been Watching #9

It's about time for another "What I've Been Watching"! I actually haven't been binging too many new shows but there have definitely been a few notable ones that I want to talk about. I've also been preoccupied with Game of Thrones every week - I can't quite believe the season is over next week already. Overall season 7 has been better than I expected (after the disasters of seasons 5 and 6 :P ), the epicness just makes me fangirl but the ridiculousness of timelines, some pretty dumb storylines and some characters acting completely ridiculously (*cough* Arya *cough*) have been getting me pretty annoyed! But you know me, I'm invested so I'm gonna be out here glued to the TV and screeching my head off :) :) :) Anyway - let's get into some other TV!

This show has been getting so much hype and for good reason! It's thrilling and totally worth the watch. It's speculative fiction where it's definitely fictitious but could feasibly happen, and it is so relevant now more than ever. I don't want to explain too much of the premise of the show because you do find out in the first episode and it's really intriguing to find out as you go along and also...it's really complicated to delve into quickly! Basically though, it's set in the near future where things are...really not good. It's dystopian in a way - because what's happening is so terrible and outrageous - but also scarily relevant and possible, especially as they flashback a lot to when things were completely normal. It's seriously worth the watch though - it's so powerful and the acting is incredible. 

This was not a show I thought I'd like but I love Alison Brie so I gave it a go - and I really liked it! It's basically a show within a show - it's about the making of GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) which stars a group of eclectic women - some actors, some entertainers, some wannabe wrestlers - "wrestling". I put wrestling in quotation marks because they don't actually wrestle - they mock wrestle which in and of itself was really interesting and cool to watch them learn different moves. They construct different personas and tell stories through wrestling. It's not a typical comedy, but it's really funny and cool to see such a diverse and eclectic group of women with varying personalities and flaws coming together. It's an easy, quick watch and one I'd highly recommend!

Another amazing show with awesome female characters! I absolutely loved this series - it was intriguing, thrilling and the characters were each so complex and flawed. The acting was phenomenal and also the setting of the seaside city of Monterey looks so beautiful! Big Little Lies centres around three women and their young children. Each have secrets and are connected in ways you'll just have to watch to find out about! The first episode opens with a murder and the series flashes back and works its way back  to an intense climax as you try to figure out who was killed and who was the killer! It's pretty intense but soo good!

It's finally here! I binged this in a couple of days (it was so easy to get through since it's only eight episodes), and typically when I watch something in such a short space of time, it can be hard for me to objectively form an opinion about it. When I was watching it, I was LIVING, epic moments had me shook and I loved seeing all the characters interact. If you weren't aware, The Defenders is like the street level version of the Avengers - a team made up of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist (who each have their own Netflix series). They team up to face a threat to New York that none of them could face alone. I loved the banter between characters - they're all so different so their dynamic was interesting and hilarious. I was living for everyone ridiculing Danny Rand because it's no secret I severely dislike him. Speaking of Danny, I was worried he would ruin The Defenders for me, and while I was eye-rolling every time he opened his mouth, it wasn't terrible and I think there was a slight improvement from Iron Fist. Of course my queens Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones got me through - and Mattelektra omg SQUEEING. Anyway, so I subjectively loved it for the character interactions, but overall the plot was okay. I did enjoy it, but I felt toward the end it got a bit messy, and one of the villain's motivations seriously had me confused. So, not my favourite, but definitely good. In case anyone cares, my ranking of the Marvel series probably goes Jessica Jones, Daredevil s2 (they're very close, arguably tied IMO), Daredevil s1, The Defenders, Luke Cage and Iron Fist waaaaaaaaaaay at the bottom. The Defenders probably centres most on Iron Fist and Daredevil so it is important to know their storylines. Save yourselves some time though and don't watch Iron Fist - just read the synopsis!

Watched any of these shows? What are your thoughts? Give me some more recommendations!

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