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Hello chickens! Chickens seems like an appropriate greeting for this post seeing as chickens are Desi's ~thang~, holla at me if you a part of her coop! I am finally getting my act together and writing my review for the Dose of Colors Desi x Katy collection! I managed to get my hands on a few of the products when they first launched, and they are having their third and final restock on October 18th at 9am PST. So I figured I should probably get my review up before these become impossible to get! If you guys didn't know, Desi and Katy are my absolute favourite Youtubers - they are hilarious, talented and their relationship is so genuine and adorable! If you follow them on Youtube, be sure to hit them up on Snapchat too because that's where the good shit is ;) It took all of my willpower to not get the entire collection - everything is so gorgeous! From the packaging to the products, the collection screams Desi and Katy and from other reviews, every product performs absolutely amazingly! Spoiler I guess - because I love what I got from the collection! I bought their Eyeshadow Palette aka "The Girls", lipstick in More Creamer Please and the two Liquid Matte Lipsticks in Hot Fire and Saváge.

L-R: Suz, Noli, Turbosan, Harpoon

In my opinion, this eyeshadow palette is the standout and must-have from the entire collection. The palette is comprised of four amazing metallic, glittery shadows - designed to be your bomb-ass lid shades to compliment your staple matte eyeshadows. I think this was a really smart idea because while I love my palettes to have basic mattes...I have a lot of them, and when you only have four shades to play with - you don't want to be wasting them on basic colours everyone already has! The palette contains two shades meant to be applied wet (Suz and Harpoon) and two dry (Noli and Turbosan). They're also designed to be applied with a finger to achieve the best colour payoff and sparkle, and minimise fallout. 

Suz is a light golden-champagne shade with quite flakey glitter to it. While it looks the most "normal" in the pan, I actually find it to be the most dry and flakey of them. It's a LOT more intense than I anticipated too! It is so pigmented! It really is beautiful for a centre of the lid highlight/halo placement or inner corner highlight. 

Noli is my most used shade! It really is - as described by Desi and Katy - the perfect bronze shade. It isn't too orangey but it has a good amount of warmth. It's also the smoothest shade, it has the least glitter but still has gorgeous gold sparkles that catch the light. I love swiping this all over the lid and blending the edges for a one-and-done everyday look!

Turbosan is the shade I thought I'd like the least - but I absolutely love it! I don't typically go for dark smokey colours, but Turbosan is so pretty! It has a deep warm purple/brown base colour, and intense purple and blue sparkles that just glimmer in the light. So pretty and makes a really wearable smokey eye!

Harpoon is arguably my favourite shade - I just think it is SO unique and stunning. It has like a dusty grey/green/beige base and then INTENSE, flakey gold/green glitter that is so preetyttyytyyy. This shade really is MONEEEY as the girls describe it. It looks like the colour of American money hahah. I've worn this with deep matte green shadow on the outer corners to bring out the green, but I imagine if you paired it with more neutral tones, it would be very wearable and create an entirely different look.

I also have to mention the packaging - it is stunnningggg. When I first saw this online, not gonna lie, I thought it was a little tacky-looking, but when I got it in my hands - boy was I wrong! The sparkly material isn't at all glittery and kitschy, but sparkles and shimmers in a very sophisticated yet bougie and extra way. Very Desi and Katy. And the shadows are named after their dogs!!! What's not to love?!?!

L-R: Saváge, Hot Fire, More Creamer Please 

Of course I had to get one of the nude lipsticks! I was debating getting both, but ultimately skipped No Shade because I suspected it would be too pale and a bit jarring on me. No Creamer Please is Desi's perfect nude, and it really is quite a unique shade in my opinion! It took me a little while to get used to, but I ended up falling in love with it. It's a medium nude shade, with heavy yellow-brown undertones. It's a very warm shade and tends to pull very orange on paler skintones. The yellow-brown undertone is interesting for sure, I wasn't sure if it clashed on me, but ultimately I decided it was flattering haha! I prefer to lightly apply it and pat it in so it isn't so strong. It pairs well with nude lip liners though to make it just a bit more wearable.

The formula is nice - it's a little thick, but very creamy and opaque. It has a satin finish that eventually wears to a matte. I find it exacerbates dry and flakey lips a bit which isn't unusual. I also find lasting power to be really good!

Liquid Matte Lipsticks in Saváge and Hot Fire
This was my first experience with Dose's matte liquid lipsticks. I've heard generally really good things, but a couple of negative reviews too! Ultimately I find they apply really well - super opaque and pretty even. They feel comfortable - not overly drying and no transfer either. The finish is full matte! I will say - I don't love how these wear. After a few hours my lips tend to get a little line-y as my lip texture becomes really obvious. That being said these last a reeeeally long time! Like they actually lasted through a meal. While they looked far from perfect after like an eight hour day, it was still on and definitely passable (no touch ups!). Overall not my favourite liquid lipstick formula, but I definitely like them.

Saváge (gotta write it with the accented a!!!) is a super deep oxblood burgundy shade. I am a serious lover of vampy lips - I think they make me look hellsa chic and cooler than I am. This shade is very deep though - I swear it borders on black sometimes! With the right makeup though, I think it looks absolutely stunning and I lurve it! For such a deep colour, it applies pretty well. It's very opaque and generally applies evenly, however don't press your lips together mid application! The product transfers to the other lip and can go patchy, but I found going in with another layer fixed it right up. 

Hot Fire is an absolute stunner! Every time I see this colour I think of Katy! She is a sucker for good orange-red ;) This is a shade that pulls more red on some, and more orange on others - but it is BRIGHT and bordering neon on everyone! On me it pulls a tad more orange which I like, but also it does make my teeth look a bit more yellow unfortunately. She is a stunner though, well worth it! And she PIGMENTED! One swipe and you have full colour and opacity! I absolutely love this shade - I don't typically wear reds but the orange tone makes it more up my alley. It's also unlike anything in my collection and a knockout bold lip for sure.

So there we have it - no duds to be seen! This collection is totally worth the hype! I am so proud of Desi and Katy - they created a PHENOMENAL collection and I can really see their personalities and taste in these products. I'm so happy to be able to support them! If you were eyeing up anything in this collection, I strongly recommend getting your hands on it in the final restock on Wednesday! DO IT...or you'll regret it.

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