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Wow - it's been a while since I did a nail of the day! Talk about a throwback! If you were around when I used to do these once a month...you are an OG fan indeed - thanks for sticking around! ;) Haha! Most of the time I forget to take photos of my manicure while it's still fresh and looks nice (or it's just an old polish that you've probably seen before), but this time I remembered! Here's a few photos of Essie Island Hopping which is a shade I really hadn't heard of before stumbling upon it in Priceline (and promptly buying it!). 

Island Hopping is a rather unique purple shade - unique in my collection at the least. It has a warm tone to it, and is a medium-deep dusty purple. For some reason this shade spoke to me because it's extremely wearable and colourful, but in a modest and sophisticated ~work appropriate~ way. I thoroughly enjoy it and can see myself reaching for it all year round when I need a no-fuss shade!

My experience with Essie formulas is that they are on the thinner side, with the more pale shades requiring three coats for full opacity and evenness. I have to say though Island Hopping had a bit better of a formula - it was a tad bit thicker, and applied completely opaque in two coats. Lasting power was fairly average, but not bad at all. I think I got a week of decent wear out of it!

Even though they aren't my favourite formula, there's something about Essie polishes that make me want to (gradually) collect them all!

What are your favourite Essie shades?

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