Monthly Favourites // September 2017

Ya gurl CANNOT believe we are in October already... I know it's terribly clichéd to say "where did that month go! It went so fast!" at the beginning of a monthly favourites post...but honestly, where in tha heck did that month go?! I didn't end up doing a monthly favourites last month because I've been so boring with my beauty routines lately and really using the same products! I do have a few newies to share with you guys though!

Dose of Colors Desi x Katy "The Girls" Eyeshadow Palette
THE GIRLS finally making an appearance on the blog! If you guys didn't know (which you probably wouldn't because I don't really talk about Youtubers on here), Desi and Katy are hands down my favourite Youtubers. If you don't already watch them...YOU MUST. They are so gorgeous and really talented - I adore their makeup looks! Besides that, they are HILARIOUS and their friendship is so adorable. Their husbands are great too - it's so cute how they are all such a tight knit squad! And their DOGS! They are sooo cute and I love them and they are what this palette is named after! 

I bought a few products from their colab with Dose of Colors (it was hard resisting getting the whole collection!) but this eyeshadow palette is probably my favourite item! I should have a review post on the collection going up within the next few weeks so keep an eye out! Anyway - I love that these shades are really quite unique and have such gorgeous, glimmery finishes. They really are your bomb-ass lid shades to complement the staple matte crease colours you already have. I've been loving Noli (the bronze) as a super easy one and done, all over the lid shade. It really is the perfect bonze - not to warm and orange, but still rich. I also love Harpoon (the green gold "moneeeey" shade). It is so unique and glittery and GORG. I paired this with some matte green eyeshadow, inspired by @katy herself, and it was different for me but I absolutely loved it!

Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Lipstick in More Creamer Please
I knew I had to get at least one of the nude lipsticks from the collection. I settled on More Creamer Please because (despite how gorgeous it is!), I deemed No Shade to be too pale for me and I could just imagine it being a bit jarring on me. More Creamer Please is really quite a unique shade! It's a deeper nude shade, but a veeery warm toned, orangey-brown. I can't really see this being flattering on everyone to be honest - I've seen it pull very orange on some (very fair) people. It took some getting used to for me because it almost has like a mustardy-brown tone to it! But, it has grown on me and I really like it - it does suit my warm, medium complexion well! I prefer to pat it in though so it's not so strong. The formula is nice too - creamy and pigmented but can accentuate dryness.

Scout Cosmetics Eco-Luxe Breathable & Water Permeable Nail Polish in Just Like Heaven*
To be completely honest I'm not 100% sure what the shade of this nail polish is because it's not written at all on the bottle! I'm pretty sure it's Just Like Heaven though (from my sleuthing on the website...). I really like this nail polish though! The shade is arguably my perfect nude nail polish?? It's like pale but not too pale, and a really nice nude-pink shade with just the right amount of brown in it. On my warm-toned medium skin, it doesn't clash and is really pretty and elongating. With my trusty Sally Hansen 7-in-1 as a base and topcoat, it lasted aaaages - like I got away with it for two weeks! But by the end it was pretty badly chipped haha, but still so good!

Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser*
It took me a little while to warm up to this, but I'm now thoroughly enjoying it. It's my morning-time cleanser and I find it to be refreshing and lightly cleansing and not at all drying. It has a very thin texture that lathers well but not too much! In terms of it being brightening...I'm not sure but it's good to know that it might be helping!

Katy Perry Indi Fragrance*
This is the latest perfume addition to my stash and I really like it. First of all, I love the bottle! It's so chic, minimal and understated! The scent itself is so lovely - it's kind of florally and musky but not too heady or overpowering. Ultimately I find it to be really sophisticated and chic, with a bit of depth to it. (honestly am I just throwing around random adjectives at this point? maybe. but it's nice so go have a sniff!)

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
A cult fave! Somehow, over the years, I've managed to accumulate a number of these little sample tubes (in various scents) and I figured I should actually get to using them! I've been using an Antipodes Body/Hand Cream for the past little while as my hand cream and it just wasn't really cutting the mustard? I don't know, but my hands didn't feel as nourished as they could've been, especially with the cold weather that is super drying on my hands (that is now gone RIP winter). I pulled this sucker out and my hands have been loving it! It's not overly greasy and absorbs well, but is definitely a thicker, creamier texture that really...moisturises! Makes ma hands feel soft.

Guys...I done got myself trapped in the wormhole that is Buzzfeed Unsolved videos. It happened one night unintentionally...and here I am, well obsessed and almost finished watching them all. They are just SO ADDICTIVE. They are essentially videos where Ryan and Shane go over unsolved crimes and mysteries, with two topics - true crime and supernatural. I didn't think I would like the supernatural ones (they go through a lot of haunted places and...demons!) but surprisingly they're probably my favourites! I find the cases they go through to be so interesting and the videos are really well produced with good graphics, editing and ~spooky~ music. Sometimes the subject matter can be really scary or serious, but the hilarious banter between Ryan and Shane really breaks the tension and makes it a little more lighthearted, plus it's just entertaining! I also love the dynamic between Ryan (a believer in the supernatural) and Shane (the super skeptic). I'm a Shaniac but I really love them both! If you love conspiracy theories, paranormal/supernatural activity or unsolved crimes....give them a watch!


*Products gifted for consideration.

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