Caramel Concoction

The Maybelline Colour Elixirs have been getting a lot of love in the blogger community, and I figured I should try one out for myself, especially because I have become a lover of a good non-sticky lip gloss. I bought the shade Caramel Infused because I have a caramel obsession, seriously just ask my friends, I go cray when faced with a tray full of toffee. No but really, this was actually the only shade that appealed to me from the Australian shade lineup - I wish they'd brought over Breathtaking Apricot! Anyways, keep reading for my review!

Packaging wise, it's pretty dang adorable, but also small. The tiny amount of 5ml is housed in a squat, rectangular tube that deceivingly looks like a lipstick. It is very practical though, with no extra bulk. The doe foot applicator is petal shaped and very plush feeling. It's almost ribbed and furry looking but feels nice and soft on the lips, and applies the product easily and precisely.

The Elixir claims to provide the colour of a lipstick, cushiony care of a balm and glass shine of a gloss. I'd have to agree fully with those claims. My particular shade has decent pigmentation but still a light sheer translucency. It is very close to my natural lip colour though, the bolder, brighter shades are definitely more pigmented and opaque, and almost stain, from when I've swatched them on my hand. I'm not exactly sure that it is as nourishing as a lip balm, but it does feel cushiony and balm-like on the lips and not at all drying, sticky or gloopy. The shine it gives is lovely, not overly glossy but more so like a hydrated shine. It's also very smoothing and makes the surface of the lips look rather perfected. The gloss does have a scent, one that I rather enjoy. I can't pin point it but it's light and unoffensive in my opinion.

Caramel Infused, like I've said before, is pretty much the perfect my lips but better shade for me! It is a rosy-mauve shade with a slight brown tinge, but it also has a bit of peachy warmth thrown in. It's a really pretty shade that is perfect for everyday and will most likely go with pretty much any makeup look.

Overall, this has become one of my most reached for products because of it's very comfortable feel on the lips, lovely shine and easy, everyday colour. They retail for AUD$17.95 which I think is ridiculous because it's tiny! It's one of the most expensive in Maybelline's lip product lineup. I definitely think that they are preying on the hype these have received worldwide. As much as I love the product and am happy I picked up one, I definitely won't be buying any other shades unless a really good sale comes around.

Have you tried The Elixirs yet?

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