Monthly Favourites // July 2014

It's July favourites time! This month went SO fast, legit. My first couple of weeks back at school were not cruisy, I was bombarded with assignments and due dates which made it feel like I never had a holiday at all!  I try to make time for commenting on and reading blog posts though it can be hard! I had a major writing sesh in the hols though, so most of this months posts, and for the next couple of months are all pre-written/scheduled posts. Anyways I have a few products that I've been really enjoying this month, that I wanted to share with y'all.

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream
What with it being Winter and all, my skin has definitely gotten a bit drier, meaning I can get away with using a richer moisturiser during the day. This one is sooooo lovely and smells DIVINE (you were right Vanessa). While it's rich and uber nourishing, it doesn't feel heavy, absorbs well and doesn't make me any oilier throughout the day, even under makeup. I can even use it at night with rosehip oil, but I've been loving a different mosituriser for that...

Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream
(amazing segue right?) This night cream has been amaze for my drier Winter skin. It's so lovely and really quite a dense cream, though absorbs pretty well into the skin. I use it in conjuction with the Trilogy Antioxidant + Rosehip Oil which I mentioned in my last faves, and my skin has just been drinking it up. It feels uber soft and nourished. Love.

Coconut Revolution Coconut Lip Balm in Cherry
This is a sweet little lip balm that smells and looks like Willy Wonka Redskins - yerm. Doesn't really remind me of Cherry at all, which is a good thing cos I ain't a fan of that medicinal cherry scent/flavour. It is slightly tinted, and the colour is buildable (though still sheer, obvs). I find this is really nourishing, and I've really been liking the sheer wash of colour it gives, and the easy tube format. 

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation in shade 52 Light Beige
I've been wearing my Rimmel Matte BB Cream most days which I talked about in my last favourites, but for weekends or days/nights when I'm going out, I've been no doubt reaching for this foundation.I will definitely have a review up at some point, but to round things up; light-medium coverage, satin finish - not too dewy or matte, very natural - and really good lasting power, surprisingly! Love the packaging too.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original
This is a little sample sachet I got with my Naked 3 palette. Despite the rave reviews, hype and talk of this being the original and best eyeshadow primer, I actually didn't have overwhelmingly high hopes for it. I guess a few slightly negative reviews tipped the scales for me. I do really like it though, and have been using it everyday I wear eyeshadow! It works really well, my shadows only have minimal creasing by the end of the day and show up lovely and vibrant!

Jordana Fabuliner in Black
I haven't been wearing this heaps this month, my eyeliner wearing is rather sporadic, but I did a couple of times this month and really enjoyed it. It's a felt tip liquid liner, super black and although the tip is a bit thick, it still comes to a fine point, allowing thick and thin lines. I really like the lasting power of this too - it doesn't smudge, smear or fade throughout the day.

As I said, my skin has been a bit drier and I have a few dry patches on my cheeks (the acne isn't helping those at all either), so I've been opting for a cream blush as I find it just sits much nicer over dry skin. The finish is creamy and dewy, and I love this shade.

PS. Shiwashiful. reached a milestone of 300 followers this week! Thanks so much guiz! :')

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