Disappointing Products #1

Over my time as a beauty blogger, I've found plenty of products that I love and enjoy using, but I've also stumbled across some that I don't like as much. These are pretty scarce occurrences as I generally read a lot of reviews on any particular product I want to buy, or have heard in general whether a product is good or not. However, sometimes I buy into the hype and said products disappoint me, in other cases they didn't live up to my expectations or just simply didn't work out. This post has probably been long overdue and I actually had so many products I had to split it into two posts! Another will be coming soon and it actually features all lip products.

This isn't a terrible cleanser, and I do intend on finishing it - it cleans my skin effectively but just isn't as thick or creamy as I'd like it to be. It doesn't leave my skin feeling soft or moisturised, if anything slightly dry and craving the rest of my skincare. It's definitely nothing special and I wouldn't recommend it sadly.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Skin Primer
One of the first primers I ever used, and I really actually don't notice this doing anything to be honest. I don't find it to smooth or improve my skin's texture, nor prolong the wear of my foundation considerably. If anything it's more of a moisturising primer, but that's why I use a moisturiser! Not worth the money in my opinion. Face of Australia makes a primer with practically the same ingredients if you're interested!

Indeed Labs Hydraluron
This has been hyped up beyond belief! I'm one of the minority who doesn't like this very much because it's an essential for a lot of people. I don't think it lived up to the hype because I really don't notice it doing anything significant for my skin. It doesn't necessarily make my skin feel good when I apply it, and when moisturiser goes over the top, it honestly doesn't feel like it's done anything. Perhaps it has helped the moisturisation of my skin, but not significantly. I just don't think I have the right skin type for this! If you have dry or dehydrated skin, perhaps it would make more of an impact.

I've expressed in my review my indepth thoughts on this. I don't really think it's that effective. It is of course better than using nothing but it's just very gentle and not very potent. Also the packaging is a bit annoying, the pump is very hard to press and dispenses way too much product, mine broke anyways!

This was a limited edition anyways, so I don't think you can buy it anymore. I was just very disappointed in the formulas of the eyeshadows (I do like the convertible colour included). I found them very sheer and not very long-lasting, even with a good primer. Very different from all the praise I've heard about Stila eye shadows!

Benefit Cha Cha tint and High Beam
On the whole, I was pretty disappointed in this kit to be honest (bar the lip gloss). My issue with these two very hyped and well loved liquid products is that they're so difficult to apply and blend! You definitely can't just stripe it onto the cheeks because the initial strokes will still be visible. I find Cha Cha tint actually not that long lasting, a bit drying on the lips and overall a hassle to apply. The colour is so pretty though! Besides application issues, High Beam is a bit too silvery-pink for my very yellow skintone, therefore coming off a bit ashy. I know a lot of people love these products so I was shocked when they just didn't live up to my expectations!

Benefit Coralista Boxed Powder
Well, my expectations were very high for this blush, so many people love and swear by it as their favourite shimmery peachy-pink shade. It just didn't work out for me! I actually find it to be quite sheer and on the whole a bit light, therefore it barely shows up on my skin as a blush. I will say though that the shimmer is beautiful, it lends an uber pretty golden natural glow to the cheeks. If I want any hint of colour to show up, I have to build it up. I've been using this more so as a layering blush or subtle highlighter.

Okay now, this product I actually did really like at one point, it was one of my go to foundations! I've since realised that it perhaps isn't totally matched to my skin type. It gives a beautiful dewy, natural finish to my skin but just doesn't last. I get shiny quite quickly with it, and I find it breaks up a bit around my oily areas. My biggest gripe with it though is how easily it transfers, especially when I get shiny. If I touch my face, it comes straight off. Really not the nicest thing! Also the shade 53 is too pale for me so I really haven't been using it much anyways. It is a lovely foundation though, just one I think works better on drier skinned peeps!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
A much loved drugstore mattifying powder that has never really performed as well as I'd like. I find myself getting shiny around 3 hours after application, which is basically like I hadn't applied powder at all. I also find that the Transparent shade isn't really transparent, and can often make me look a bit pale. Clearly I've used it having hit pan, but I've since reached for other powders over this one.

Phew! That was a long post, I hope I didn't anger anyone with a few of my more controversial products. A lot of these just didn't work out for me, most likely due to my skintype or skintone, or I just had unrealistic expectations for them!

Do you agree or disagree with any of my picks?

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