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I've often been told I have soft hands, which is an unexpected but much appreciated compliment, and one that I can attribute to using hand cream every night. I did however, go a while without using hand cream, mostly due to laziness and stress but have recently dug out a brand new one to get back into the habit. I have been thoroughly enjoying the Grown Alchemist Persian Rose & Argan Extract Intensive Hand Cream which has returned my hands to their baby-smooth glory.

This is actually supposed to be my mum's from my sister but shhh she has plenty of hand cream... Before this hand cream, I'd never really given Grown Alchemist much of a look, but after having a look at their website, I really love the aesthetic of the brand. They are certified organic, cruelty free and are 'healthy skincare', free of lots of nasties, with recyclable packaging. The packaging is simple and minimalistic and I love the almost laboratory-like feel of it. I like aluminium tubes as they feel quite chic, but also allow every drop of product to be used. The one downer is that the moulded packaging can sometimes cause the product to keep coming out after you've squeezed the tube.

The hand cream itself is described as being 'a rich intensive hydrating hand cream that is instantly absorbed, reviving the driest skin without leaving a greasy feel'. It contains many amazing ingredients like omegas 3, 6 and 7 as well as vitamin e and oils to help the skin's hydration levels and elasticity. The cream's texture is light yet still rather rich feeling, so that it rubs in and absorbs quickly while still feeling quite luxurious and nourishing. It really doesn't leave a greasy residue at all but leaves the skin feeling immediately soft and nourished, and giving it a 'glow'. Odd but true, it makes my hands look super healthy! I've been using it every night and even throughout the day when I'm just chilling about and my hands haven't been dry at all in the cold Winter weather. I'm not entirely sure however that it is 'intensive' as it's name suggests, it is very moisturising but not intense. Then again, I don't have extremely dry hands so I can't attest to it's degree of effectiveness. 

The scent of Persian Rose & Argan Extract sounds exotic, and it's definitely different to typical hand cream scents. I have a horrible sense of scent to begin with, so this is something I really can't describe! It's quite natural and herbal-ish, and unexpectedly, not very floral. I wasn't overly keen on it in the beginning, and while it has grown on me, it's not my favourite.

So overall, I'm really enjoying this hand cream! I think it'd be suitable for both the bedside table or the handbag. 65mL of product retails for AUD$27.95.

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