Fab for Radiance

Hello humans! Today I have a skincare review coming at ya of the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. If a product has the word 'radiance' or 'brightening' in its title, I'm there. This brand has been getting a lot of hype lately, and when I saw these on clearance, I snapped 'em up as they've also been getting a lot of attention, mine included.

I really like the packaging and brand aesthetic, I think it's super cute. They outline the benefits/uses of the product clearly. The tub contains sixty pads which I think is a great amount. Each pad is very generously soaked with product, so much so that I cut my pads in half. I hate to be wasteful and I feel like there is so much leftover if you only use one pad, and also of course, I'm getting more bang for my buck! Half is more than enough for both your face and neck, going over twice! The actual pad has one flat side, and the other with circular bumps that help exfoliate further.

Basically, these pads aim to exfoliate, tone and brighten the skin. They contain both lactic and glycolic acids to chemically exfoliate the skin, though they are supposedly gentle enough to be used daily. They also contain Cucumber and Indian Gooseberry to tone, and lemon peel and licorice root to brighten. The ingredients really are lovely and super effective it seems! They do feel quite gentle and I have experienced no irritation at all, they don't sting at all. However, in some cases, my skin can feel a bit itchy after using this, but I think it's just craving some moisturisation. I've been using these every night for the past few months and have to say, I do think I've noticed a difference! It is always hard to tell with things like brightening, and scar fading, though I would say that I've noticed my skin to overall look a bit brighter and with a smoother, more refined texture. I think also it has helped speed up the fading process of scars left from acne marks, slowly but surely. Do keep in mind I'm still using other scar fading products!

Overall, I really love these toning pads and I think they do an excellent job as an everyday toner, whilst also helping with exfoliation and brightening. Definitely a lovely product to add to your routine! I'm not sure if they still sell FAB at David Jones where I bought mine, since they were clearancing a lot of their stock, but they are sold on various websites including Beauty Bay for AUD$33.80!

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