Matte Me BB

A matte BB cream is a relatively rare concept, as BB creams are typically known for their sheer, dewy finishes, but as one with combination/oily skin, I can definitely appreciate one of a matte variety! Apparently similar to the likes of the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint, the Rimmel BB Cream Matte is exactly that. After receiving a sample sachet, I liked it so much that I went out to purchase the full size (it also helped that I had a voucher...)!

The BB cream is packaged in a slim squeezy tube with a, fittingly, matte finish. While the tube is convenient and practical, I do have one gripe with it. Because the cream is on the thinner side, and the tube doesn't offer precise 'squeezing' (ie. a nozzle), the liquid can sometimes pool in the lid and around the sides of the 'nozzle'. It actually has leaked so that's a bit concerning! I wish it came in a bottle with a pump!

It boasts a formula of "9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup with a natural matte finish". I highly doubt it does every single one of those claims like "soothe" (what even?) or "help prevent blemishes". It does contain witch hazel in that respect though it's pretty far down in the ingredients list that I doubt it would have much of an effect. The texture like I said is on the thinner side of things. As you blend it into the skin it definitely dries down. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's 'liquid to powder' but it does leave a satin-matte finish to the skin, while looking natural, can exacerbate dry patches slightly. While you can apply the product with fingers, I much prefer using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush which I find buffs the product into the skin quickly and effortlessly. Because the texture is thin, it's really lightweight on the skin, and I can barely feel it at all. The coverage is definitely good for a BB cream, it evens out the skin tone and redness but for prominent scars/blemishes you'll need a concealer. It's light to medium, and while buildable, I wouldn't use more than two layers as I think it can start to look a little cakey or really cling to dryness and skin texture.  

Despite the matte finish, I still like to powder (force of habit really), and I find the combination to last excellently. I only really get shiny in the nose area after about 5 or 6 hours, and dewy elsewhere in the t-zone, but it still looks good at the end of the day, which is certainly impressive for a BB cream. Because of it's matte finish, I don't feel like it would be the best for drier skin types, and for very dry skins it could be drying.

The shade Medium initially looked a bit orange-y/pink to me but when it blends to the skin it actually matches me really well. Sadly there are only three shades in the range, so you may not find a match.

Overall, this has definitely become one of my favourite BB creams - great coverage, lasting power and colour match. I think this may become a staple for me, especially in the warmer months (it also contains SPF15)! Have you guys tried any matte lightweight bases?

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