Naked, of House Urban Decay, the Third of Her Name

I make no apologies for the Game of Thrones/Medieval/it's really just Game of Thrones inspired title. Anyways today I'm reviewing the third addition to the Urban Decay Naked palette family. These shadows are my first taste of the ever-raved about cult favourites, and we shall see whether they lived up to the hype...

Lols, ignore my pajamas in the mirror :P
The Naked 3 palette is packaged beautimously (to use the words of the lovely Essiebutton), and definitely my favourite packaging of the three palettes. It comes in a rosey-gold metal case which is embossed with a ruched pattern, which I think adds a nice element of interest. I also really really like the gold writing on the top, with the italicized '3'. The closure isn't overly secure, and I do think it could be easily pried open. It comes with a large mirror, which is always handy, as well as a double ended Good Karma shadow brush. It's pretty good quality, one side is a small, thin and stiff brush good for packing on or smudging with the tip, the other is fluffier but still very dense.

For the most part, the formula of these shadows is consistent except for a couple (Dust and Buzz). To be completely honest, the formulas did not blow me away, especially with such HYPE these shadows have received. I have heard though that the Naked 3 is slightly lesser in quality than the first two, but still. Sure, they're still really pigmented, smooth and blendable, but they ain't soft like buttah. I think that the formula of Lorac shadows is better. 

One other thing that was alarming was when I used my Lorac eye primer, the shadows had creased and almost disappeared by the end of the night, like what? Maybe I put too much primer on, or it was because I applied it in the afternoon and my eyelids were already a bit oily? Anyways, I've used the shadows with the UD Primer Potion and I'm happy to report that they lasted much better (only slight creasing by the end of the day). Speaking of the Primer Potion, you receive sachets of the four shades. Personally, I would have prefered the single deluxe sized sample because sachets annoy me, but I will say I've actually been getting a few uses out of one!

One gripe that I have is that the actual range of shades within this palette aren't that versatile, which was actually quite surprising. From the swatches the light shades are all sort of the same depth, as the dark shades are sort of the same depth. A few of the shades are quite similar to each other like, Mugshot and Darkside, Liar and Factory and Dust and Burnout. Too similar, in my opinion, to justify having both. While you can of course create light, medium and deep, smokey looks, the range of looks you can create is quite limited, and look a bit same-y.

L-R: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick
Strange is a matte, light cream shade. It works really well as a browbone highlight. The pigmentation isn't strong but can be forgiven because of it's lightness. One of the softer shadows in the palette.

Dust is a light pink with strong silvery-pink glitter that's quite flakey and fallout-y. Rather aptly named because it is quite dusty! Definitely my least favourite shade.

Burnout is a really pretty, light, warm pink shimmery shade. Perfect for all over the lid!

Limit is a matte light pink with a hint of mauve through it. One of my least used shades because it's not deep enough for a crease shade (on my skin tone) and it's just okay as a lid shade.

Buzz is a rosy pink with silver glitter throughout. It has a similar formula to Dust though slightly better. It also has a more metallic finish at its base.

Trick has the same finish as Buzz but not as much glitter, therefore a much nicer formula. This is the only real rose-gold-copper shade in the palette, which is probably why it's my favourite!

L-R: Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart
Nooner is a matte, medium-deep mauvey-taupe shade. It's quite unique, but definitely the workhorse of the palette. I use this shade in pretty much every look I create as it is the perfect crease shade to complement the other colours.

Liar is a light burgundy shade with a shimmery finish.

Factory is a darker brown shade with burgundy hints. It has a shimmery finish though less shimmery than Liar or Mugshot.

Mugshot is a deep mushroom taupe shade with warm tones and a similar finish to Liar.

Darkside is a taupe-y grey with a similar finish to Factory. This is a bit of a 'meh' shade for me.

Blackheart is matte blackened-plum at it's base, with coppery shimmer/glitter particles. I really love using this shade along the lashline as eyeliner.

So there, it won't be making a disappointing products post, but it didn't really live up to the hype and glory that I expected of it. Not by any means a bad palette, I do adore the shades and will get a lot of use out of them, but they aren't the most versatile, or the best quality.

What are your thoughts on the Naked 3?

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