Hairy Times.

Hey peeps! Today I have a bit of a hairy post for you all, featuring a few new and notable products. I'm extremely low maintenance with my hair. I'm lucky enough to have really straight hair that's not frizzy, if anything lacking volume but let's be real, I'm too lazy to really care. These are a few basic things that I have been using in my routine to keep it clean, healthy looking, soft and shiny.

Lady Jayne Tangleze*
I recently received this detangling brush (popping up in stores in September and October) which is very much inspired by the Tangle Teezer. To be honest, I'm surprised that there has only been an influx of cheaper dupes recently (the Tangleze will retail for $12.99), considering the Tangle Teezer has been popular for a while. I haven't tried the original, but I must say I have noticed a difference with the Tangleze. My hair isn't particularly tangly by nature, but it is damaged and therefore knotty. The dual length bristles help glide through the hair with minimal catching, except on those tiny knots and actually require "untying" to get rid of. It apparently will "help minimise hair breakage to encourage the healthiest hair possible for all hair types" which I'm all for!

It's quite compact in size and like the Tangle Teezer it doesn't have a handle, which I find a little annoying and awkward to hold at times. You know what would make this the ultimate for "on-the-go" - a fold out handle! It doesn't have any particular shape though so it works out for both right-handers and lefties. What makes it most "on-the-go" is definitely the clip-in cover! I actually think that it's waaaay more hygienic, things don't get caught in the bristles, etc, etc. Good job Lady Jayne.

Unico Sensitive Shampoo*
The Sensitive range from Unico is aimed at treating "sensitive scalps, specifically flaky, itchy or irritable scalps". Not gonna lie y'all, because it's Winter over here, my scalp has been quite dry and itchy, and prone to the occasional dandruff flake. At first, I wasn't too impressed with the salon-level shampoo. It didn't lather too well and left my hair feeling slightly dry/a bit rubbery? I find it lathers better on the second wash. After continual use though over a few weeks I can happily report that my scalp actually isn't as itchy, and I think there's less dandruff? Must say though my scalp has been in pretty good condition. Although my scalp has been dry, it still gets greasy on the second day, and I've found since using this shampoo it hasn't been as greasy. It also has a bit of a herbaly-fresh scent that doesn't linger in the hair.

Unico Maintenance Conditioner*
The Maintenance range is moreso for your "normal" hair types, they're "gentle enough to use daily without being too rich in moisture". I find this conditioner okay. I have very long, damaged, split-end ridden hair so I do require something quite nourishing. I think the conditioner would best suit normal or oily hair as I don't think it really cuts it for me. It doesn't leave my hair feeling extremely soft or moisturised in the shower, but I can definitely tell that it has done something once my hair has dried. It's also quite thin in texture. The scent is very remeniscent of Menthol and Eucalyptus, almost like that stuff you inhale for a blocked nose!

L'oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Masque
I generally use a hair mask once a week to help inject some extra moisture and nourishment to my hair. I'm not particularly fussy about what I use, mostly because I haven't found one that I love yet. This one supposedly restores hair to be stronger, silkier and shinier. I'll admit, I'm not impressed with this but it does the job decently. It doesn't leave my hair feeling anything extra special like super soft, but I do think that it offers extra hydration and helps it look less damaged. Don't believe it's restored or 're-surfaced' my hair though!

L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil
I recently finished up the hair oil I'd been using for the past year or more, and finally got to crack this guy open! I remember Estee raving about it what seems like years ago! It's packaged really nicely with a handy pump and the oil itself is quite thin in texture. It spreads really well over the hair and absorbs nicely. My hair is left feeling rather nourished and soft to the touch, not oily at all, though not overly shiny. The smell is pretty delightful too, that typical hair product-y salon-y smell. Mmmm...

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! What are some hair products you've been using recently?

*Products sent for consideration.

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