Smelly Sunday // Moringa

Wow, long time no see Smelly Sunday! I swear it's probably been about a year since my last Smelly Sunday post, but what can I say, my nose hasn't been getting much action lately! Ahaha, anyways, I thought I might revive the series (even if it's only just for one post) to feature some products from The Body Shop, their soap, shower gel and body butter all from the Moringa line.

I actually have no idea what sort of flower the Moringa flower is, but gathering from the picture on the body butter, it's very pretty! At first I was a bit 'eh' on the scent, but it has definitely grown on me, and I now absolutely adore it! It's definitely a delicate floral that is quite reminiscent of Jasmine in my opinion. It's very soft but lush smelling, and as usual, I'm terrible at describing it! Y'all should just go ahead and take a whiff of it. By combining the soap/shower gel and the body butter, the scent really lingers on the skin, into the next day!

Moringa Soap
I may have mentioned once or twice on the blog that a daily staple for me is the Dove Beauty Bar bar soap. Unlike most peeps, I much prefer using bar soap (that is, the Dove one)! Most bar soaps I've tried pale in comparison, they either don't work up a good enough lather on the skin or leave my skin feeling tight, dry  and almost rubbery (you know the feeling, like water running off the skin? SO hard to explain!). This one seemed promising, the lather was good, it smoothed onto the skin and felt soft and moisturising, until I rinsed it off. It left that weird tight feeling on my skin! Not as bad as others, but still, it ain't no Beauty Bar which leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Moringa Shower Gel
I've tried one other shower gel from The Body Shop and my thoughts are the same; average. They seem like any other shower gel I've tried, they aren't supremely lathering or have superior 'cleaning ability' and they don't leave my skin feeling particularly moisturised either, if anything a bit on the dry side. See, reasons why I always revert to the Beauty Bars! This little mini will come in handy for travelling though.

Moringa Body Butter
I haven't tried a body butter from The Body Shop in a long time, so this was basically new for me! These are probably one of their most famous products, and I now understand the hype! The texture is very thick and heavy, but as you start working it into the skin it really spreads out and absorbs easily into the skin, leaving behind a soft, yet moisturised feel. I thought they may have left my skin feeling sticky or laden with product, but that's not the case at all! However, it's not as intensely moisturising as I thought it would be. I can still feel and smell it the morning after but to really have and sustain hydrated limbs, it needs to be applied everyday! That doesn't tend to happen because I'm too lazy...hah!

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