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Bourjois seems to have some of the best base products, everyone seems to love their primers, foundations, concealers and powders! I for one have only tried their Healthy Mix Serum Foundation which initially I too loved, however slowly realised it did not work for my skin type. Cue in the Happy Light Foundation, which has now become a firm fave and still gives me a similar natural, dewy-ish finish without any of that oily business!

Packaging-wise, like Bourjois's other liquid foundations, it comes with a handy-dandy pump - which also happens to be peachy-pink, my fave. The standard 30mL comes in a slim glass bottle. Seems pretty sturdy, just make sure not to drop it!

A note on the shades, there aren't many. I have the shade 52 Light Beige which is actually a pretty awesome match. It doesn't oxidise at all - if it does it's not noticeable. Basically, I'm the second lightest shade which is unheard of. I'm definitely not pale, and am firmly a medium-yellow skintone, so you get the idea of how horrendous the shade range is. It seems to have planted itself in the medium range, the four shades (available in Australia) don't extend to either of the extremes which is very unfortunate for pale or deep skinned ladies! Bourjois really needs to get their shade-game together!

As for the foundation itself, I really love it. It has a lightweight, vaguely gel-like consistency which blends really well into the skin. I tend to apply it with a buffing brush but fingers work too, as well as a sponge. It really buffs into the skin, leaving a very skin-like finish. It does claim a "luminous complexion" which I'd interpret to be glowy/dewy. It doesn't exactly give that finish but it does give a naturally flawless type look. It's not too dewy, nor too matte - very much a satin finish which just looks natural.  I've found that satin finishes tend to be my favourite, because throughout the day as a little of my natural oils start coming through, it gets to that dewy stage that I really like. Foundations with an initial dewy finish can tend to look oily throughout the day. It doesn't make any bold claims for lasting power, but I find lasting power is really pretty good! I do set with a powder just to make sure, but it sticks around for the whole day - longest I've worn it is probably 10 hours and by the end of the day, my skin is dewy - possibly a wee bit shiny in the nose area, but looks good with no touch-up on my oily/combo skin. My one qualm is that toward the end of the day, it can sort of highlight any uneven texture on the skin. Not sure how to explain it, it doesn't cling to dryness or look obviously foundation-y, but it does look a little less flawless after a while, which is to be expected to some degree. It also claims 8 hour hydration. I don't have dry skin so I can't really comment on that, but it didn't dry out my skin at all, or accentuate dryness, nor did it cause me to be really oily.

Like most foundations I tend to gravitate towards, it has a light to medium coverage, which is buildable to some degree. I probably wouldn't layer it up to much (2-3 layers max) because it can tend to get a little more obvious. I'm good with one layer and concealer - mostly because I'm lazy :P I should also note that it is lightly fragranced, like most Bourjois foundations, so sensitive skins be aware.

All in all, a really lovely foundation! It ticks all my boxes; natural, satin finish, good lasting power and light-medium coverage. Definitely one to check out if you have a shade match. I really think that this would suit most skin types! Maybe not extremely oily or if you prefer a matte finish. It retails for AUD$29 at Priceline.

PS: I'm heading down to Melbourne-town on Wednesday for about a week to visit my sister! Posts will still be going up as normal though hehe. I'm planning on doing some serious shopping, mainly for accessories/shoes/makeup for my Formal. Any local Melbournians have shopping recs or in general notable things to do down there?

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