Monthly Favourites // September 2014

Yes indeedy, it's the end of September, and that scares me. My university course preferences are officially in - there's no more running from my future (or lack thereof)! Pretty soon I'll be out of high school and forced to face the real world...and I ain't ready. So instead...let's talk favourites ay? I don't have too many this month, mainly because I haven't bought new makeup/stuff in ages (yay me) so I didn't have many new things to try. However, there are a few things here that I haven't mentioned on the blog before!

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
A full review of this is on the way, but as you can see, I've already hit pan on the stuff - say whaaat?! I'll be honest, I do feel like I'm going through this quite quickly, and I don't even use it every night. Most times I do use it, I double cleanse. I really like it and I guess you could say it's my first foray into proper balm cleansers. It removes makeup super well and definitely cleanses the skin - though I always do a double cleanse - with a face cloth. It thins out to a bit of an oily texture, however it doesn't leave the skin feeling oily at all. Meaning, it doesn't make my skin feel hydrated after, but it's definitely not dry at all. Regardless, a really awesome cleansing and makeup removing product!

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner*
Aah yep, this guy's making a return! Since I finished up my FAB Facial Radiance Pads, I've switched back to this chemically exfoliating toner. I can't say which I like better, they do pretty much the same thing. Clearer complexion, smoother skin texture and overall better looking skin is what this guy'll get you!

NAT. Vitamin C Serum*
My last post was a review on this so I won't ramble, but basically I've been using this everyday as my morning time serum and it's awesome. Super hydrating, sits well under makeup despite being an oil and I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin tone. Good stuff.

theBalm Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette
I've mentioned this product countless times on the blog, though mostly for the two cheek products. This month however, I've been enjoying the eyeshadows! As I mentioned, I went away for a week down to Melbourne and I took this palette with me (it's super compact and awesome for travel). The eyeshadows served me well. It contains a variety of different finishes (shimmer and matte) and shades (neutral and slight colours). The textures are pretty awesome too - pigmented and very easily blended.

Face of Australia GLAMAZON Contour & Highlight Kit in Leopardess 
Sadly this little duo was limited edition - there may still be a few floating around though! I was planning to do a review but it slipped my mind, do let me know if you'd still like to read it! Basically the contour shade in this is da bomb. Yes I just wrote da bomb. It's cool-toned, dark - but not too dark, smooth and blendable. It's also actually not too heavily pigmented, making it easy to apply just the right amount to get a lurvely shadow. Definitely my new favourite contouring shade, and I totally look like I have some cheekbone-age (sadly not Cumberbatch level). The highlighter is really pretty too!

Benefit They're Real Mascara
I finally got around to using my sample size on my trip to Melbs (I still have too many unopened AND opened mascaras...sigh) and must say, was initially unimpressed! The first time I used it, it smudged after two hours...TWO HOURS. That is a short amount of time my friends. However, on subsequent uses, I made sure to powder under my eyes well, and it lasted much better. It only smudged a little towards the end of the day. Anyways, I really like the brush - it grabs onto my (very few) lashes and does lengthen and give good volume. It even helps pump 'em up a bit even if I haven't curled my lashes, making them somewhat noticeable. Definitely one of the more 'dramatic' mascaras I've used and does quite a lot with my really sucky eyelashes.

Y'all probably know by now that I am a bargain hunter, I shop dem sales and hold off buying things until they go on sale (I'm very stingy). I thought I'd mention a site I recently came across that basically puts together sales, deals and coupon codes in one place. The site is called Cuponation, and has offers on beauty places like Priceline and Beautybay, as well as heaps of other categories like fashion! It's super convenient and a site I'll be looking at to check for all the deals without having to rifle through individual sites/catalogues.

I do have a music favourite this month, and it is the brother-sister duo from New Zealand called Broods! They do have quite a Lorde-y feel to them (they have the same producer) but regardless, they've created some really awesome music. Like really awesome. I've been listening to them on repeat for the last month. They make for really great study music and seriously I'm still not sick of them. Some of my favourites are Evergreen, Superstar, Mother & Father, Never Gonna Change and Coattails - I know that's a lot, but seriously I love every song. Also I'm so sad that I won't be able to go to their concert here, since it's 18+, but HOW IRONIC because I'll be in New Zealand when they're here. 

September faves done and dusted - what have been your favourites this month?

*Products sent for consideration. 

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