Disappointing Products #2 // Lips

Sorry to put a damper on your day peeps, but I'm back at it with the disappointing products! You can check out the first installment here, but today, it's all about the lips. I didn't intend on featuring so many lip products, but it just so happens that because I have so many, I'm very easily disappointed! Like last time, there are a few hyped up products in here...but hear me out!

In my review of this, I pretty much detailed my dislike of it. To sum it up, I basically felt like this barely nourished my lips at all. I felt like I was constantly reapplying because it would sink in super quickly, but my lips didn't feel much more hydrated. To top it off, I'm fairly certain this gave me a lip rash!

EOS Lemon Drop with SPF 15
Now I really did love the Summer Fruit flavour when I used it, however there is just something off about the Lemon Drop one. It doesn't feel overly moisturising (it's okay), but the kicker is that it almost feels a bit gritty? Like the balm itself doesn't feel completely smooth, which is such a shame because this is the only one with SPF in! Also, not the hugest fan of the Sweet Mint one either.

I've already done a full review of this so do have a read, I explain my disappointed-ness quite explicitly there! Basically I feel like the formula is very thick and doesn't actually absorb into the lips but more so sits on top and almost sets over the lips, creating a layer or film. Said film then needs to be scrubbed off the next morning. Annoying, and it didn't even make my lips feel uh-mazing.

Kit Cheek & Lip Tint
I didn't really have high hopes for this anyways (it was a hand-me-down from my sister), but especially on the lips - it really sucks. At first application, it looks pretty dece! Goes on well, gives a nice berry stained look. But then, it absorbs - like really quickly - and the colour pretty much disappears. I layer it and layer it, each time the colour gets patchy, sheer and eventually my lips shrivel up like a dry, pale sultana. Beautiful imagery, I know.

Face of Australia Lip Quench Moisturising Lipstick in Lychee Crush
My distaste of this lipstick has been well documented here on da blog. Let's sum it up - horrible scent, tastes foul, too creamy that it settles/bunches/looks uneven and the shade is too pale and pink for my skintone - making me look like I'm meant to be a participant of a zombie walk - you know the ones.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch
Oop - Alert! Alert! Hyped up product coming at ya! Kay, so these American/now UK Baby Lips have been so hyped up over the past few years, and I got my hands on a couple of them early last year - they featured in one of my early hauls (Wow - throwback!)! I've already given Cherry Me away - that one wasn't so bad. But Pink Punch is actually really pigmented for a tinted lip balm! Theoretically that sounds really good, but the formula is very creamy, meaning if you apply too much it can settle and gather, and if you rub your lips together, it seeps out of the lip line - yucky. The shade is a very hot, almost neon, cool-toned pink which totally clashes with my warm skin tone.

"Ahaha, worst name EVER. It's clearly PINK not beige!!!!" - Every beauty blogger ever. (had to do it). ANYways! I'm fairly certain I probably got a dud tube because mine is SO sticky and gloopy I can't stand to even apply it to my lips. It's terrible. However, when I swatch these glosses in store, they don't seem sticky at all! Plus everyone loves them for not being sticky....The shade is really pretty though. A very muted PINK shade. ;)

I've also mentioned a few times on the blog why I don't like these but pretty much, they are very glossy, VERY pigmented products that don't. set. down. So they stay wet on the lips, which leads to transfer central. Don't even try to eat with one of these suckers on. You will get it on your chin/teeth/general facial area. Oh, and the food you're eating.

This was a limited edition shade, but my qualm isn't really with the shade itself. Though, it's really nothing special - pretty much clear with silver shimmer. Really though, I find the Lipglasses way too sticky for my liking, and for such an expensive price tag, not worth ma time.

Sorry if I was very rambly and hyper in this post lols, I finished my last exam for the term today (Tuesday when I'm writing this) and I'm finally freeeeee (until next term...)! So I'm feeling a little cray. Hope you guys liked this post though! Let me know your thoughts on these products! 

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