Citrusy Serum

My endeavours for an even skin tone have been well documented on this here blog. My skin scars very easily, and in combination with acne-prone skin - it ain't great. I have a lot of residual redness, dark marks and it general a very un-flawless face. I am always on the hunt for brightening/scar-lightening products, so when I came across the NAT Vitamin C Serum*, I snapped it up!

The 30mL of product is packaged up in a rather compact bottle with a practial pump, however I think I'd prefer a dropper due to its consistency. The bottle is rather lightweight and sleek looking!

Labelled as a serum, I'd more so describe it as a facial oil, however the texture is quite unique to me. It is very thin, as you can see it's running all over my hand! Being very thin, you don't need a lot (I still typically use one pump) and this sinks in very well. I was a bit reluctant to use this in the morning underneath makeup as facial oils tend to leave me looking greasy, however it fared extremely well, and is now my go-to morning time serum. It doesn't leave me greasy, or make my skin produce excess oil throughout the day. It leaves my skin feeling super hydrated, soft and glowing. I also use this in the evening sometimes, underneath other oils and moisturisers and my skin doesn't feel weighed down at all, but rather it provides an extreme punch of moisture!

The serum is described as being a "unique, natural formulation...a must-have for lightening pigmentation and cell regeneration". It contains some amazing ingredients like vitamin C (of course), milk thistle, sea-buckthorn oil, rosehip oil, vitamin e and more. As you can tell, it is indeed a very oil centric formula. A lot of these ingredients are known to help out with evening out the skintone, and I must say, I've noticed results. Over using it consistently for the month or so, I feel like my skin has been much more hydrated, smooth looking as well as that dark marks/scars have started to shrink slightly and fade. These things do take time, and do keep in mind that I'm using a lot of other products to help me fight this battle (wow I'm so dramatic), but I genuinely love this serum and how it feels on my skin! It also supposedly helps with anti-ageing which I can see to be true, considering it's so hydrating and radiance-promoting.

It does have a slight citrusy scent which I personally love! I believe it's derived from ingredients like orange oil, mandarin peel oil, bergamot oil and bitter orange twig oil.

The only kicker is that it retails for AUD$75 which is quite expensive. Imma let you guys in on a little secret though...the ECO C Serum has the exact same ingredients, however the ECO has a slightly lesser concentration of vitamin C, and only retails for $18. The two brands (ECO and NAT) are both from the Natalie Group but with different target audiences (I'd assume), but they have a lot of crossover products. I totally recommend checking out the ECO version, which is much cheaper (though it contains half the amount of product), and is probably the one I'll be repurchasing in the future.

*Product sent for consideration.

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