NOTD // Accidentally Aussie

When picking out the nail polish shades for this manicure, I didn't realise until they were on my nails that they strongly represented the Australian colours of green and gold. Not the look I was going for! Haha, not that I don't love to be patriotic at times, I don't love the combination. On the nails however, I actually didn't mind it!

The green I used is a deep jade green shade in the form of Sinful Colours Envy. It applied really nicely, opaque in two coats. I generally find the formula of Sinful Colours polishes to be pretty good, and they have a great range of shades, at a great price. The golden yellow, which i actually thought was going to be more mustard-y and more green toned, is Sportsirl Sunflower. I actually have no idea why I bought this shade (it was on sale though) because I actually really don't like it, and I don't know why I thought I might even like it just a little. Mustardy/gold is not the most flattering shade. It also has a fine shimmer running through which I'm not the hugest fan of. The formula isn't too great either, a bit thick and slightly streaky though it does even out mainly with a second coat. I've since decided to get rid of this polish.

The star of this rather lacklustre show though, is the glitter. I used Sportsgirl Galaxy which is a pretty awesome glitter combo. It contains dark green, light green and blue matte glitters of varying sizes, similar to their other glitter Party Popper which I used in a NOTD here. For some reason though, the formula was a bit more gloopy on this one. There are plenty of glitters in there, but the clear base seems to be very thick so a lot of it gets on the nail, creating a few bubbles when it dried. Not a big issue though because I still really like the end result!

Ever accidentally been patriotic?

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