20 Facts About Me

I was tagged by Cherie quite a while ago to share 20 facts about myself over on Instagram, but I thought I would share them over here. I'd rather share facts about myself to you guys (who I've never met before), than people I know in real life...is that weird? I just feel way more open with you guys! There's no judgment here, right? :)

1. I am Chinese, but was born here in Australia, but my parents were born in South Africa. Got some serious multi-cultural shiz going down here.
2. I can speak some Chinese, having learnt Mandarin for the past seven-ish years of schooling. Definitely not fluent though!! I'm actually Cantonese Chinese though, so technically still can't speak the language of ma people.
3. I've lived in the same house my whole life.
4. I used to have a pet Jack Russell Terrier named Toffy.
5. Everyone in my family's name starts with a T, except my dad.
6. I have two much older sisters.
7. I wear glasses sometimes, not full time since my vision isn't so bad yet - it's getting there though. I should really just stop being in denial and start wearing them full time.
8. I obsess over old, British men. That sounds wrong and so seedy, only some old British men though. Examples include Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch and Dan Smith (though he isn't too much older, at least that's what I tell myself).
9. Speaking of obsessions, watching TV shows is pretty much all I do. That's probably an exaggeration but I watch a lot of TV shows.
10. Yeah, if you couldn't tell already, I'm a huge geek. My tumblr can attest to that. I'm pretty nerdy too but not that nerdy - ja feel? It's cool though, my friends are geeks and nerds too :P
11. I have a pretty good memory - especially when it comes to names and last names. I'm pretty sure I still remember the last names of everyone who was in my grade in primary school. 
12. I've only ever been to one concert in my life (if we exclude The Wiggles) which was Katy Perry. Incidentally I'm also going to her concert this year! Apparently I love me some Katy, which I do.
13. I've never even attempted to do a smokey black eyeshadow look on myself - even in the comfort of my own home.
14. I don't like being touched - like hugs I'm cool with, or casual resting of arms, but skin-on-skin weirds me out quite a bit.
15. I lose things, mainly when travelling and am flustered. I once lost a camera on a plane (a small point and shoot) filled with snaps of my South African holiday. It was somewhat okay though because both my sisters were doing most of the photo taking with their huge ass DSLRs and lenses, but yeah, moral of the story, don't trust me with your valuables for prolonged periods of time.
16. I like to collect nick nacks and trinkets, or "dust collectors" as my dad calls them, what can I say, I like cute and pretty things. Yeah, my room is very cluttered.
17. I hate taking selfies, mainly because I look crappy in them. Like that is not what I looked like in the mirror!?
18. I'm quite an introverted and shy person with people I don't know, or only know a little, but with my friends I can get CRAY. Like wow.
19. I hate swimming (and, you know, the general outdoors). I like leisurely floating, but make me do laps and I will drown. Okay, exaggeration, but I suck basically.
20. I hate talking about myself. Like when on first days of school, your new teacher asks what your hobby is - basically my most dreaded nightmare. Or saying your best qualities, or being insightful about yourself, yeah I can't do it. 

In accordance with fact number 20, I thought this was going to be quite hard which is why I was reluctant to do it, but surprisingly it wasn't so bad! I ended up coming up with them quite quickly actually. I thought you guys might like to learn more about me (the weird bits too), as I love reading these sorts of posts!

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