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I was tagged a few months ago by Sheri to do the One and Only tag. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get around to doing this, but school life just got in the way - damn you, school! Anyways, we're here now and I'm sharing what products would be my one and only of that category, my "holy grails" I guess you could say. However, in some categories, I thought of it in a way where I only have that product, so it would be a good multi-tasker, ya feel? Regardless, they're all faves and it was definitely a tough call. Especially since in some categories I don't have a product that I love more than the others, but I did my best!

PRIMER - Lorac Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow Primer
Does this count? I actually don't have many face primers, and I don't really love any of them, so I decided to go down the eyeshadow primer route. Eye primer is definitely a must for my oily lids! I really love the Lorac one, it seems to work really well to make shadows appear more vibrant, and last longer on my lids.

This was definitely tough, I had a hard time choosing especially since this is the newest foundation in my stash but dang I love it. It's the perfect amount of coverage for me, light-medium, it's a great shade match, it leaves a satin, natural finish that lasts really well on me as my skin gets progressively dewier but never overly oily. 

POWDER - Australis Fresh & Flawless Powder
This has been with me for a good couple of years, and I've really loved it. It adds a hint of extra coverage whilst setting my makeup in place, never too flat matte or cakey looking. A really good powder, and a gem in the Australian drugstore!

I actually haven't tried that many concealers, but this is definitely a good 'un. It doesn't have the fullest coverage, but it looks natural and covers blemishes, scars and undereyes alike. It lasts pretty well too - the only qualm I have is that it can slightly accentuate flaky skin a bit. 

Oh blush, how you trouble me. This was hard considering blush is my weakness and I have a drawer overflowing with them. I chose the Instain Blush because damn girl, this blush be hella long lasting. It's very pigmented, yet blendable, smooth and creates a lovely flush. Toile is a strawberry coral shade that I love, and it actually looks quite natural on.

Oop, another theBalm product, they just know how to do cheek products. The hype is real on this highlighter, it's gorgeous. The golden tone complements my skintone so well, it's smooth, pigmented and crazy beautiful glowy. Love.

Technically already the only brow filler-inner I own, but it works perfectly for me. The cool-toned deep brown suits my hair really well, without making me look like I have black eyebrows. Filling in with powder is super quick and easy, it looks natural and it legit makes the hugest difference.

BRONZER - Nvey Eco Natural Bronze Organic Compact Bronzer
This was quite an unexpected favourite but I do really like it. I'm not sure if it's holy grail status, but I've been really loving it lately, and would be happy with this alone. It looks quite ruddy and terracotta like in the pan, but it blends really well on the skin, adding warmth, shape and shadow to the face. It's has a matte finish, and the powder itself is of high quality - soft, pigmented and blendable.

I don't think I can pick out a favourite brush, but if I could only have one, I'd choose the Multi-task brush. Like the name suggests, this brush can do many things. It has foundation, powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter covered. It's dense yet fluffy, super soft and a really great shape to cater for different needs.

I honestly couldn't choose a mascara! I haven't come across one that I've loved any more than another so have to leave this one blank. My perfect mascara would be waterproof and be able to hold a curl well, be lengthening, defining and volumising. Well that would be a super mascara.

Okay, okay, I have two products but hear me out! I wasn't sure if this question meant just one shade, or one eyeshadow product. In the case of the former, I'd go for Bad to the Bronze. It's such a great bronze shade that is perfect for slapping all over the lid. It really is the perfect, everyday one shadow look product. Although it does still crease on me, it lasts longer than powder. If I could choose an eyeshadow product, hands down it would be the Pro Palette. This thing is amazing. Its shades are beautifully pigmented, soft and versatile.

EYELINER - Essence Gel Eyeliner in BBC All Night Brown
While I like my pencil and liquid liners just fine, this gel liner is the only one I really love. Shame it's discontinued. Damn you, Essence! It's a really pretty bronzy-brown with a slight golden shimmer. It's creamy, pigmented and long lasting. Also, if I only had this, it would work excellently as a cream shadow for a smokey eye or as a base!

LIPGLOSS - Maybelline Colour Elixir in Caramel Infused
This was actually such a hard decision. I was tossing up between this one and the NYX Butter Gloss. Ultimately I went for this because I feel like the formula is just a tad more translucent and glossy, but still pigmented and not sticky at all. It really evens out the lip surface making them look really good. Also, I wear this shade all the dang time.

LIPSTICK - MAC Morange (a review from the dark days of my blog, literally)
This was also quite a difficult category, mainly because I actually don't have a lipstick formula that I love more than any other. I settled for this one as it is crazy pigmented, smooth and creamy. It has a satin finish and is long lasting, but isn't at all drying. The shade is a stunner of an orangey red too.

A very tough tag that forced me to choose favourites (you're all still my bbys though!) haha! I tag Cherie, Vanessa, Yige, Daphne and Ash, if you guys haven't already done it, and anyone else who would like to!

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