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So, as you know, last week was my formal and I got my makeup done at Mecca Cosmetica. That means, I got to spend my dollaz on some products! I had quite a firm wishlist and I managed to pick up all three things that I wanted (even if I didn't, there would definitely be some other thing there that I would've wanted just as much!). I originally wanted to pick up the NARS blush in Gilda but it's been discontinued (in Australia at least)! Such a shame because I really wanted to try it, but regardless, here's what I picked up!

I s2g I have wanted this blush fo eva. I actually already own a Convertible Colour in a limited edition palette, but I always forget to use it! Mainly because I really dislike the eyeshadows in that palette. The two cream blush formulas do feel a little different to each other though. Of course I went for the token peachy-pink shade, Gerbera, though it is slightly more on the pink side, and paler than my typical peachy-pinks. From my experience, they last pretty well, and also work decently on the lips! While it sits well on the lips, unfortunately the colour is far too pale and makes me look dead and washed out. On the cheeks though...it's love

Huzzah! This cult fave is finally mine! This is probably the hottest concealer out right now, and I'm so glad to have my hands on it. Ginger was actually sold out, but the gal got it sent to me from another store - what a sweetie! It's actually a little dark for me at the moment, though Custard is too light. Ginger matches well with the Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab but it can come off a wee bit orange on some of my typical BB creams. So pretty much, I haven't been using it much since I got it, but it's promising peeps. Also, I need to use up my Maybelline Fit Me concealer, and would rather reserve the NARS for more important things than school!

I've been wanting to try these for a while too, and every time I swatch them, I'm immediately drawn to the coral-peach that is Lodhi. I was originally going to pick up one of the new Audacious lipsticks, but Lodhi seemed to match my clutch really well, and y'all know I'm all about that matchy-matchy life. Also, it was like, $10 cheaper. Still really expensive though considering it only contains about 2g of product! Regardless, the formula is gorgeous and I LOVE the colour. Money well spent. But dang I have to buy a sharpener now.

So, a lot of products ticked off of my wishlist! But, with the makeup application...a lot more products were added on. Tbh, I'm just stoked to own something NARS now! No doubt I will have full reviews up of these, these guys deserve posts all to themselves!

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