Good Enough to Eat

So, that title may be a little deceiving, BUT, a motto of natural skincare brand Vanessa Megan is, "you should never put anything on your skin you wouldn't eat!". The brand's products must have pretty great ingredients right? Right. I have to review a couple of her products; the Rosehip Revitalizing Face Oil* and Peruvian Flower Hand Cream*. 

Peruvian Flower Hand Cream

A little about the brand first, it's pretty great. They are Australian, natural and organic, cruelty free, their packaging is 100% recyclable, and much more. You can read more about them here, but they really are an awesome brand, with their products totally reflecting that. The packaging is simplistic, yet beautiful. The boxes are super informative, not only listing a description of the products and ingredients but also the benefits of key ingredients. Both bottles have handy pumps to easily dispense product, however I do wish the oil came with a dropper, the pump can sometimes squirt product out willy nilly. 

The first thing that HIT me with this product was the scent. It has a very strong, and I ain't gonna lie, overwhelming scent. It's a rosehip oil blend containing other ingredients of rosemary, lemongrass and vetiver. The scent is undeniably lemongrass, which I'm not really a fan of to begin with. The scent is so strong it almost feels like it's tingling the skin? It's actually not, though it smells like it's tingling...am I even making sense right now? Thankfully once the oil is applied and blended into the skin, the scent dissipates - I don't know if I could handle it otherwise!

The oil itself is quite thick in texture (sorry I forgot to photograph it!) and I usually use one pump mixed with moisturiser. It doesn't leave my skin feeling or looking greasy, but rather very glowy and feeling very hydrated. Not that I really care if I look like a grease-ball though - I only use it at night when I'm moping around the house. Much like a lot of other face oils, it's very hydrating. The ingredients supposedly help with anti-ageing, evening skin tone, skin firmness, minimising pore size and more. I can't testify to many of these claims, though overall I've been really happy with my skin lately! My acne scars are slowly but surely fading and it hasn't been very spotty lately either.

This has already made it's way into a monthly favourites post, so y'all know it's good stuff. The texture is almost whipped, though still super creamy. I find one pump of the stuff is just enough to moisturise the hands adequately. It's the right amount to not have super slick hands, therefore sinking and absorbing into the skin quite quickly, leaving them feeling quite nourished. The texture isn't too rich or greasy to begin with, so it doesn't leave much, if any residue on the hands! I've been using it every night, and while I don't have particularly dry hands to begin with, this has definitely left my hands feeling super soft, noticeable even after my first night of use! It should do, considering it contains lovely, hydrating ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamin E.

Perhaps the most notable thing about this hand cream though, is its scent. It contains various essential oils that overall, give it quite a unique scent, one that I can't quite pin down. I can definitely detect hints of lavender and a slight citrusy tang. It may not appeal to everyone, however I have grown to really like it. It's not too overpowering, though is very spa like and sophisticated. The essential oils used also have added benefits. Mandarin essential oil is known to banish depression and anxiety, lavender essential oil balances the central nervous system and vanilla oleoresin is calming and known to reduce stress, promote sleep and an uplifting mood. Sounds glorious hey? I'm not sure I can attest to those precisely, but inhaling the scent before bed is definitely calming, and I think I may have even been sleeping better!

Overall, using both of these products has been a pleasure really! They're just so dang lovely. Though I don't see much difference between face oils, the Vanessa Megan one is a good 'un, and the hand cream is just beautiful, even if just for the scent!

*Products sent for consideration. 

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