Lots o' Latte

Despite the surgence in popularity of all things chubby and stick-like, this is my first eyeshadow crayon product! These, along with lip and cheek crayons have been popping up all over the place. Clinique have definitely got the chubby stick thing down, and today I'm sharing their Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in the shade Lots o' Latte.

L-R: Swatched, Blended

The packaging is exactly like Clinique's lip chubby sticks; a twist up crayon, the colour of the packaging the same as the product inside. The only difference is that instead of a pointy tip, it has a rounded one. One thing I'm a little saddened by is that the writing is the kind that rubs off really quickly. Despite not having it for that long, pretty much all the writing has already rubbed off!

Onto the formula though, I've heard quite a few raves about these, so I was expecting something good. The shadow is creamy and applies easily, not at all stiff or dry. It still maintains it's stick form easily though! The pigmentation of the shadow is actually not that opaque - hence the 'tint' name (I guess?). Its medium pigmentation allows for super easy blending, but it's also easily built up to a good opacity, like in the photo above. I think it's slight sheer quality really helps its useablity - so easy to slap on and go, since it's not so 'in yer face'. The staying power, however, is a little lacklustre. Like a lot of cream shadows (bar the Estee Lauder Stay On Shadow Paints), these tend to crease fairly quickly when worn alone. Lasting power is better with primer underneath, however the 'sandwich' effect really prolongs this baby come night time. Layering it between a primer and a powder shadow helps it stay on for hours and hours with little creasing. 

Lots o' Latte is a bronzey-taupe shade, that really is a staple for me. Very much in the same vein as Maybelline Bad to the Bronze, which you guys may know is a product I reach for all the time. The Clinique shadow has, however, pushed BttB aside. The convenience of the stick form, slightly creamier and easier to blend shadow is just much more to my liking. It really fulfills the one-shadow, swipe and go job well.

While the Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes is an amazing product, it's nothing groundbreaking in the cream shadow world, to be honest. I still feel the Estee Lauder cream shadows have a better formula, but the ease-of-use of the Clinique (and this particular shade) makes it great for everyday. The Chubby Stick for eyes retails for AUD$35.

What's your favourite eyeshadow crayon?

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