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As you guys may or may not know, I am very much a fan of the Australian, all-natural brand Vanessa Megan, so it shouldn't have been a surprise to hear that homegrown talent Jessica Mauboy swears by a few of their products too! I was kindly sent a few of Jess' faves to try, and here are my thoughts on them!

L-R: Day Cream, Cleanser

As mentioned in a previous post, Vanessa Megan is organic and cruelty free. Her packaging is simplistic yet beautiful, and very practical. The ingredients used are all natural and their benefits can be read up on her website.

Petitgrain Cream Cleanser* (200mL, $54.95)
Cream cleansers have definitely become my cleanser of choice, I've long left behind those of the foaming variety. This particular one is very lightweight, almost a lotion type consistency. Although I prefer denser creamy cleansers, this one does well to refresh and cleanse the skin. It's suggested to be used on dry skin, which I would usually when using creamy or balmy cleansers, however, due to its lotion-y consistency, it pretty much absorbs into the skin, and quite quickly at that. To get the most out of it, I find it works best on damp skin. It cleanses skin well, and removes makeup decently. It has a bit more trouble with mascara (don't try waterproof) and eyeliner, but that's to be expected. Definitely double cleanse and use a face cloth! It doesn't leave my face feeling very hydrated, but it's not drying. Another thing to mention is that it smells very strongly of lemongrass, much like their Rosehip Oil. Whilst I highly dislike the scent, it's tolerable. This cleanser is quite pricey, and while it's good, it's nothing special and I think there are others out there that do the job for a cheaper price!

This cream has recently been repackaged to feature an airless pump, though the pump on mine works quite well! It dispenses a small amount of product, though I find it's enough. I've been using this for the past few weeks and I really do like it! It's quite similar to the Antipodes Vanilla Pod day cream, though a slightly more lightweight texture - perfect for the summer months! It contains a tonne of beneficial ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamin E. It's texture is thin yet creamy, spreads easily, and absorbs quickly. I find it sufficiently hydrating for the day, and doesn't leave me oily or greasy when applied, or throughout the day! My skin has never felt dry or uncomfortable. All I can ask for in a day cream really! 

Body Beautiful Oil* (200mL, $59.95)
I was really excited to try this as I'd never used a body oil before. I must say though, I dislike the packaging (one of those flippy lids), as it can get messy easily and it doesn't dispense product efficiently. Would've much prefered a pump or spray! This oil claims to offer hydration, elasticity and tone to dehydrated or stretch marked skin. I like that it doesn't completely claim to get rid of stretch marks, because we know that there's no going back unfortunately! I haven't really noticed much difference in my stretch marks, though I haven't been using it for that long, nor on a very regular basis (I'm so lazy with body moisturisation, no joke). It is very moisturising though! It contains all kinds of amazing oils (jojoba, coconut, rosehip) which certainly leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It isn't a dry oil though meaning it very much leaves an oily residue on the skin (leaves skin looking quite glowy though). It's not an uncomfortable one though, and I'm fine with it since I only use it at night. I think the residue is purposeful as you can also use it as a massage oil. It has quite an interesting scent which I neither love, nor hate! For my first foray in body oils, it's got me curious about others, but it's no doubt a good 'un.

While none of these products have really wowed me, there's no denying that they are quality products. They do their job, and with organic, cruelty free and natural ingredients, Vanessa Megan is really a brand worth looking into. 

*Products sent for consideration.

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