You and your Beautiful Soul

Well, well, my friends, we have reached that time. Oh yep - it's my last post for 2014. Mind blowing ain't it. I literally cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, especially in relation to my blog! It's literally felt like no time has passed at all! Anyway though, on with the show - the final review of the year! Today, I have MAC Mineralize blush in Warm Soul to share. Unfortunately I think this shade is no longer available to us in Australia (please let me know if otherwise!), however it is a firm favourite of many, and still available in other countries, so I wanted to get my thoughts up! 

L-R: Swatched, Blended

The Mineralize products have since been repackaged. I think the new packaging is interesting and a fresh take, but the standard MAC black clamshell is a classic! I know though that the clear window is prone to falling out, but so far the packaging has been practical yet, like I said, standard. The blush contains 3.5g of product which isn't that much, the domed shape is a bit deceiving! I'm not fussed though since I highly doubt I will be finishing it anytime soon!

MAC blushes and MSFs are well loved, and for good reason! This powder is soft, pigmented and blendable. Do be gentle with this powder - any vigorous swirling will cause a lot of powder kick-up! You don't need very much to get colour on the cheeks, but at the same time, it's hard to overdo it in the case of this particular shade. The powder blends beautifully onto the cheeks - really melding into the skin giving a soft, translucent glow. The effect is simply gorgeous. The lasting power I find to be pretty standard, but on the longer side. 

Warm Soul certainly is a stunner. It's a beautiful bronzey, warm peach with slight browny hints and a stunning golden sheen. This shade, coupled with the formula and finish gives off a lovely soft focus look, making the skin look polished and effortless! It's really the perfect neutral blush that goes with every look from smokey eyes, red lips or natural, minimal makeup! I also find it's awesome if you're in a hurry - it warms up the face like a bronzer, gives colour to the cheeks as well as a slight golden glow.

A bit of a short and sweet review for my last one of the year! There's not much else to say about this blush really; the colour is gorgeous, the formula easy and effortless - a quality blush! Let's end this year on a highnote, hehe! I hope you guys have an amazing New Year's Eve, and I can only hope 2015 is as good as 2014 was, blog-wise! May it bring lots of new and exciting things :)

PS. I hope you guys appreciate the title. THROWBACK to Jesse McCartney! (wowza)

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