NOTD // All the Rage

Long time no nail of the day, hey? Sad times though since it was routine to have a NOTD once a month! Oh wells, the OCD part of me can deal. I have been wearing a lot of nail polish though I always forget to take photos and then by then, it's chipped. Recently though, I whipped out an old fave to get a wee bit festive!

Aah, Orly Rage. Remember when this guy was...all the rage (heh) a few years ago?? It's a stunning polish indeed though. It's often touted as being 'rose gold', though I would have to disagree. I'm moreso accustomed to the more coppery rose gold, whereas Rage is more of a champagney-gold with slight warm, pinky tones. Very pretty nonetheless. It has an intensely high shine metallic finish, as you can see, and applies well and opaque in two coats. It's not the kind of metallic/foil polish that streaks easily either, thank goodness! Another bonus is that it dries really quickly. I will say though, that even with topcoat it chipped relatively easily, though nothing major. I'm glad to say I was semi festive with this foily-metallic on my nails!

On another exciting note, shiwashiful. reached 400 followers! Yaaaaay! I'm really, honestly so happy and can't believe my little blog has accumulated that many readers over the span of almost two years! Although it's not very many in the scheme of things, it's a lot to me, and I'm extremely grateful and appreciative of every single one of you guys! As promised, there is a giveaway in the works, however I'm still waiting on one component which I ordered online to arrive. It's probably the item I'm most excited about, and I hope you guys will like as well!

Anyways, this will be my last post before Christmas! I will be posting on Friday instead of Thursday, so I hope all of you guys have a safe and happy holiday! Enjoy time with family and friends, and fill your bellehs with delicious treats!


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