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...or at least I think I am. Now that I have a job and a wee bit of spare monies in my pocket, I seem to be spending it all up! Especially that I work at Priceline, I seem to buy something every time I work... (okay, an exaggeration but my 25% off discount is SO DANGEROUS). In my defense, this is very collective and stretches back to boxing day sales, and also, a lot of it was on sale/I only paid full price for a couple of things! There are a few things that I've bought but haven't hauled which I've featured here and here. Keep reading to see what I blew all my cash on... (it's a pretty long-ass post).

Let's start with the makeup shall we!

L'oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer
This has to be the most popular "glowy" primer of the drugstore, which explains why it's always darn sold out. I remember wanting to pick it up during the 40% off sale, but I bought it recently as L'oreal is currently 20% off at Priceline. Coupled with my work discount, it came down to around $17 which is still expensive for what it is, but damn I've been wanting it for ages! So far so good guys...

Essence Beach Cruisers Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Sun, Fun & Copper!
I hadn't heard much about this collection but spotted it at work and was intrigued indeed. It's basically a coppery liquid eyeliner - it goes on well and is pigmented however I don't think the shade is quite as defining as I would like an eyeliner to be. It just doesn't really pop against my skintone if you know what I'm saying? I think I just need to experiment a bit more, possible use it as an eyeshadow or pair it with a black eyeliner. Also, not at all waterproof :P

Essence Duo Sharpener
Can you believe this is my first proper, like actually for makeup, sharpener?? What is this right?? I FAIL AS A BBLOGGER. Now that I actually have things to sharpen like the NARS Satin Lip pencil I figured I should probably get my act together.

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream
I remember when this got a lot of raves from the UK gals, supposedly being a skin perfector tinted moisturiser that just made your skin look naturally beautiful and glowy. So far, I'm really liking it. It definitely helps even out general skintone (any dark scars/redness won't be covered though) and really just gives an all over natural glow. I've been liking this + concealer + powder for minimal makeup days.

Rimmel Glam'eyes HD 5-Colour Eye Shadow in 022 Brixton Brown
Remember when this was all the rage?? The UK gals (again, they're such enablers) raveeeddd about this, some even claiming it was an alternative to Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita. Well kids, consider me disappointed. The shades aren't that unique (especially in my collection) and while most of them have good pigmentation, the light brown really lets down the palette. I just find myself regretting this purchase tbh, but will keep experimenting. I'm just getting very autumnal vibes from it so we'll see how I feel when cooler weather rolls around!

Essie Splash of Grenadine
I've just been feeeeeelin the Essie polishes lately. I bought one for a friend, and found myself craving one myself. They are currently $4 off at Priceline, so I picked up Splash of Grenadine because #ESSIEBUTTONEFFECT.

This is a much loved cream highlighter (especially by Sharon Farrell, who it always looks AMAZING on). I've wanted to pick it up for a while, but could never justify it. And theeeeeen a sale came around. Normally $20, it was marked down to $10, and Topshop were having further 25% off sale stock bringing it down to $7.50. Bargain right?! RIGHT?? (I need your approval to justify my spendy ways). Not sure how long the sale is on, but A LOT of their makeup was marked down, like, a lot. I only bought the Topshop stuff yesterday so check 'em out!

Topshop Sheer Lips in Play with Fire and Alibi
Am I terrible for buying two. Oh gawd. In my justification, I've been eyeing up Alibi for ages, and damn Play with Fire is just such a pretty coral-orange! These are your typical sheer, balmy, glossy lipsticks which I've really been feeling now that I wear makeup more often. Easy to throw on and less upkeep than a bold lip. Full price $18, I snagged them for $7.50. 

Another sheer lippie?! I know guys, I know. I'm such a horrible person. I walked into Mecca Maxima with the Josie Maran Coconut watercolour eyeshadow in mind (the Rose gold shade), but of course, THEY WERE SOLD OUT. Gutted, I decided to purchase this which I've been wanting for, I s2g FOREVER. Like before I even started blogging. These get so much love, and I'm excited to finally own one! Pomegranate is a really pretty coral shade, (more pink than Play with Fire okay??? #justified).

I've run out of my NAT. C Serum and as mentioned in my review of it, this one is basically the same but a heck of a lot cheaper! It really feels exactly the same, and also, it's much more accessible at Target for $18!

I hit up the Lush 50% off sale and actually bought stuff for once! When I saw that Ultra Bland was included - of course I had to pick up a tub. This does however, expire in 6 months, which is annoying but I think I will finish it by them. One thing to note though, is that the texture is different from my old one....it doesn't have any crumby bits in it which is very weird....

Lush Rose Jam shower gel
I was set on picking up the So White shower gel but when I actually smelt it again, I just wasn't that enthused. I gave Rose Jam a whiff and was smitten! Such a lovely rosey scent, with a citrusy lift. I'm really liking using this!

Lush Yog Nog Soap
I'm not actually going to show y'all the soap because it is lookin pretty ratchet. I'm fricken in love with the scent though. It's all warm, sweet and butterscotchy deliciousness. It gives quite a creamy lather and such, but still leaves my skin feeling a bit dry. 

Sanctuary Spa Luxury Moisture Collection: Shower Oil, Creamy Body Oil, Oil Scrub, Body Oil Spray
I'm so fricken glad I picked this up. I'm actually not sure how much this was full price, I think in the 30s or 40s, but it was marked down to $20 and with my discount, I got it for $15! Such a bargain considering the oil retails for basically that alone. I've heard amazing things about this range, and it's really living up to the raves! These are so luscious and moisturising....love!

And now for the non-beauty related stuff!

I knew I wanted to pick up something from Essie's collection - I settled on the makeup bag because as much as I love the night tees, I thought they were a bit expensive for what they were. I love this bag though - it's super sturdy! Don't forget, I'm giving one away over here (plus lots of other goodies)!

Kikki.K Svenska Hem Small Bowl
Gawd I love Kikki.K. I swear they have the cutest stuff. I picked up this little bowl in their sale for only $2.50! So cheap! I love the gold detailing, and I've been storing my most worn jewellery and such in it. 

Haha random, but I got this for free with another purchase I made (a bday gift for a friend), because I bought one of their diaries. Every month they have a "Diary Lovers" thing which includes a treat/perk/gift for those who have one of their 2015 diaries. Very cute!

Lovisa Watch
I bought this as well in their sale - it was only $7! I've been really liking wearing it, I love the face and gold detailing. It's got me really accustomed to wearing a watch (I never used to!) and has me reaaaally wanting to splurge on one from The Horse!

Pop! Figures: Loki and Sansa Stark
Nerd alert! I've been wanting a Pop! figure for aaaages but just never got around to it. A store called Zing (fricken geek paradise, ALL OF THE MERCH) was having 10% off storewide one day and I walked out with these two bebbies :D Loki was a must, obviously (that Tom Hiddleston obsession though...) and Sansa just looked so damn badass! A lot of people hate her character which is sad because I really love her and her strength through all the shit she's been through (though I hated season 1 Sansa, ugh)! I feel like she's going to show her true badassery in this upcoming season.

Also picked this guy up in the sale where it came down to $17.25 which I thought was such a good price! My first piece of Topshop clothing...I just love their stuff so much but can never afford it! This is a really pretty chiffon type cropped blouse with an amazing Poppy print. Love this and I'm so glad I snagged it, though they had quite a few left in my store!

A long post it was indeed....whoever made it this far...LOVE YOU LONG TIME *kissy face emoji*.

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