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Happy new year peeps! I hope y'all had an amazing NYE. I had a rather uneventful night, though we had a barbecue with family friends which was quite fun and food-filled! I'm sure yours was much more adventurous ;) Well, today is my first "Best of 2014" post for you all, featuring my most loved skincare and haircare products from the year! I will have my makeup one up next week (probably) :).

I would say cleansing oil in general, though this is actually the only one I've used consistently throughout the year, and it's served me well! Cleansing oils are just so easy and get practically all of my makeup off - including waterproof products - without being stripping, drying or irritating. Awesome stuff, and definitely a product I want to try more of this year!

Ultrabland is very similar to a cleansing balm, but more of a thick, oily cream. It works really well massaged into the skin to deeply clean and moisturise. I find I definitely have to use a warm face cloth to wipe it off, which adds extra exfoliation/deep cleansing. I recently repurchased a tub in Lush's 50% off sale, and it actually has a slightly different texture to my old one! My old one had little 'crumbs' in it which I found helped exfoliate. There's not much difference between them though, and I'm still enjoying it!

I used this pretty dang consistently throughout 2014, at least once a week! Good stuff this is, it really cleanses out the skin like a good clarifying mask should. It really helps bring impurities to the surface and helps acne on its way out!

This was actually pretty much the only facial scrub I used the entire year! I used it about twice a week and I found it did help exfoliate as well as help even out my skintone and texture! The granules aren't too big or too sharp, and there is a good amount of them in there!

I haven't yet repurchased these but I definitely enjoyed them while I had them. I also really like the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening toner, however I found the FAB pads just a bit stronger and more effective. Both are great - and on the whole I really fell in love with chemical exfoliation!

Puretopia Refresh & Balance Facial Mist & Toner
I actually enjoy this much more than I thought I would. I use it as a second toner after my chemical exfoliation and I find it adds moisture and refreshes my skin - creating a nice base for other products. I can't say there's a major difference when I do or don't use this, but I do really like it!

There's not much more to say about this guy! I've raved about it many a time, and it really is one of my holy grails to help fend off acne, and heal any spots currently on my skin. I use it all over, before my moisturiser.

I have to say, I really fell in love with this serum! It's a super thin oil that absorbs quite quickly in the skin, and sits well underneath makeup. I find this just so moisturising and it really has helped with brightening, fading scars and evening my skin texture. A definite standout from this year!

I actually didn't have this for long since I had a mini, but it was easily my favourite day cream of the year. I particularly enjoyed it during the Winter when my skin was slightly drier, and it moisturised super well and sat amazingly under makeup. It's definitely one I need to pick up again in the future!

Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream
This was such a lovely night cream! I'm currently out of it but would love to repurchase in the future. It's thick and creamy, yet really absorbs into the skin well. It's so moisturising and just an amazing night cream, really!

I still may not have found my perfect spot treatment, but this one has come pretty close. The majority of the spots I get are cystic, which this treatment targets. I find it really helps reduce the size of a spot and eventually gets rid of it. Yes, it takes a long time and it won't be gone in a matter of days, but it's the most effective I've found yet!

Japanese/Asian sunscreens have been a new discovery for me this year, and wow have they become a staple. It's a super thin liquid consistency that sinks in instantly and doesn't feel greasy or heavy, in fact it even helps control oil and act as a primer, all the while providing SPF 50!

Kerastase Discipline Maskeratine*
Kerastase is a truly luxurious brand. I've tried a few products from them and all have been divine, this one included. It has to be the most amazing hair mask I've tried yet. It's very thick which I really like as I find it doesn't slip and slide around my hair. It so moisturising and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny as well as being really smooth and sleek. I love the shampoo and conditioner from this range as well!

L'oreal Mythic Oil
Hair oils and leave in conditioners are definitely staples in my routine, and so far, this one is my favourite! I sometimes found others too oily, or not nourishing enough. Mythic Oil is just oily enough but it really absorbs well into the hair, leaving it feeling soft and smooth, but never weighed down.

And rounding out the list is my favourite hand cream of the year! Not only is this uber moisturising yet not greasy, the smell really helps calm me down and lull me to sleep!

Done! Thank you all for making 2014 such an amazing year for shiwashiful., seriously, I wouldn't be here without you. Let's hope 2015 is even better!

What were your skin and hair faves of 2014?

*Products sent for consideration.

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