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So I recently found myself in possession of Essie Bikini So Teeny which I bought for a friend using my work discount (you're welcome Rosa, though shanks for letting me use it). To not let a manicure go to waste - a NOTD post was of course in order!

This shade was really popular when it first came out (and still is), and I can certainly see the appeal. It's a pretty pale, yet bright, periwinkle blue with the slightest specks of silvery shimmer which, for the most part, are invisible. I think it would be super flattering on all skintones, and it's just a darn wearable, pretty shade, and one which I've received quite a few compliments on!

The formula was pretty good, the polish itself is quite thin and the first coat went on a bit streakily, but all was evened out with a second, thicker coat! Wear time is really good actually. It's basically been a week since I applied it (with Revlon Colorstay topcoat), and majority of my nails are intact with only slight tip wear. However, once a nail chips, it's likely to chip badly! Actually, something to note, after applying topcoat, the colour of the polish actually darkened ever so slightly. More discernible in real life, the polish looks quite patchy because of this but it's not a major issue! I'm not exactly sure if it was the fault of the polish or topcoat, but I don't think I've had the issue when using the topcoat with other shades.

Essie's shade range just keeps getting better and better, and her pastel shades are particularly beautiful. There are quite a few I'm eyeing up, methinks a bit of a shop is in order! They retail for AUD$16.95 at Priceline.

Are you a fan of Essie polishes? Which is your favourite?

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