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Happy Aussie day peeps! What better way to celebrate the national day than feature a few products from Australian born and bred brand; Luma! Luma was created by Australian supermodel Jess Hart and focuses on using natural ingredients (free of nasties like parabens, synthetic colours, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances) to achieve the natural, glowing look. These days, I definitely think less is more with makeup, and we've all been really gravitating towards that natural, minimalistic makeup, which these Luma products are perfect for. I also really love that they list on the packaging in percentage how natural the product is. Keep reading though because as much as I love the concept, I don't think they quite deliver to the fullest extent...

L-R: Tinted Moisturiser, Natural Shine Lip Gloss, Wisteria & Amethyst Eye shadow, Daring Curves Mascara in Ebony Brown

I was sent the light shade, however it comes in three shades. On first look, I thought that Light would be way too pale for me (I'm almost always a medium shade), and it is, however because of its yellow tone, and sheer coverage, it seems to blend and adjust well to my skintone. Coupled with bronzer/blush, I can get away with it. The tinted moisturiser has a thin texture but it takes a bit of work to blend into the skin, it almost goes on a bit streaky with fingers and can catch on dry/flakey skin. It soon blends in to give a really pretty dewy finish, but it also does leave the skin feeling dewy. Despite this, I wore it for around 4 hours (without powder) and I surprisingly didn't get extremely greasy like I thought I would! Setting with powder, I can definitely see it lasting the whole day. It gives a sheer to light coverage, and isn't very buildable but it evens out the skin tone, muting any general redness. The finish is really pretty and naturally dewy, and lasts surprisingly well. Definitely something I would reach for for minimal makeup days.

The Natural Shine Lip Gloss has a thin-ish, smooth, almost balmy texture, It's not sticky, but it will catch on any flakey patches on the lips. The texture actually reminds me of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors but perhaps slightly more glossy. Nude Shimmer is a browny nude that is very sheer. It only slightly nudes out my very pigmented lips. It doesn't make a huge difference, but adds a pretty sheen to the lips. It's quite hydrating as well, but won't substitute a balm. I think it's worth noting that I'm not a fan of the packaging. I think the clear squeezy tube makes it look cheap in comparison to the rest of the brand.

I'm just going to say it straight and say that I am not a fan of these eyeshadows! First of all, the packaging is really bulky. You get 9g of product which is just too much for 2 eyeshadows in my opinion! I think it would have been way better if they'd made this a quad or a trio at least. These particular shades are very pale and don't add too much definition to the eyes, and in general aren't the most flattering, particularly on my warm skin. It basically consists of a pale grey-purple, and a slightly deeper lilac grey shade. The shadows themselves are dry, slightly powdery, are very sheer and look chalky (almost crepe-y) on the lids. Even with a primer, you have to layer significantly to get any sort of colour to show up. The shade selection of these aren't the greatest, and I really just cannot recommend these shadows!

I wasn't so keen on this mascara to begin with just because I was sent the brown shade, but I can imagine it being amazing for a more natural mascara for blondes and brunettes. It's a bit redundant on me because I already have black eyelashes! I still tried it out and am here to report back! It has a traditional brush and can be layered without clumping, however, it will still always give off a very natural effect. It thickened lashes slightly, and gave lift but later drooped. Because it isn't waterproof, I did find it smudged on me. Overall, an average mascara that gives a really natural finish to the lashes. If you want IMPACT and DRAMA, you won't get it with this one unfortunately! I've actually already given this away to one of my light brunette friends and she's really enjoying it for a more natural lash (she has such enviable lashes to begin with grrr)!

Overall, I think the brand's ethos and general aim is really admirable, they use natural ingredients, are cruelty free and Australian owned, however I found the products to be mediocre, good at best (with the eyeshadows being terrible!). Nothing blew me away (though I have heard amazing things about the blushes), but I do recommend the brand in general if you are into the natural thang or are cruelty free exclusive! The pricing is reasonable and you can find Luma in Myer and some Pricelines.

Have you tried Luma cosmetics?

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