Monthly Favourites // April 2015

For serial doe, WHERE DID APRIL GO?!? I feel like I did nothing this month, study wise (oops). What with the Easter break, it felt like holidays and subsequently I watched a bunch of TV shows (more on that later) and movies (AVENGERS AOU!!!). But anyway, I have quite a few favourites this month so let's dig in!

Elucent Whitening Exfoliating Cleanser*
I actually received the whole Elucent Whitening range in the Obsession 2015 goody bag which was very generous of them! I've been using a few of their products lately, but I've really been enjoying the cleanser. I tend to use this cleanser on days when I haven't worn makeup. I find I want a bit more oomph than a typical creamy cleanser that I would usually use in the morning, and this does just that. It's a little liquidy, but it has lots of tiny tinyyy beads that are very gentle, but help cleanse the skin. It lathers up a liiittle bit, but doesn't leave my skin dry or tight afterward. In terms of whitening, I can't say it's done anything noticeable, but a lovely cleanser nonetheless!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold*
I was so excited to see this included in the Obsession goody bag as I've been wanting to try it for THE longest time. It's such a cult product that so many people swear by for keeping their skin bright, glowy and smooth. It's recommended to use this 3 times a week for people over 20. Seeing as I'm only 17, I've been using this once or twice a week, depending. I just sweep it over my skin in place of toner, and it does tingle a wee bit, but I continue with the rest of my skincare routine, and almost immediately notice a difference. My skin just looks glowier, and especially the morning after, my skin feels smooth, looks brighter and just damn better. My skin has been pretty congested and grotty lately so I need all the help I can get! I'm just so pleased with the results of this, and can't wait to see how it goes in the long run.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer
Long time readers of my blog may be thinking, "...wtf is this doing in a favourites post". Trust me, I'm just as surprised! Not too long ago, I featured this in a disappointing products post, and to be honest, my feelings haven't completely changed. Recently though, my friend who always has ah-mazing looking skin told me that this was her HG primer, so I decided, eh, why not dig it back out and give it another chance! It is just a moisturising primer, and while it doesn't smooth out my skin in the typical silicone-like way, I find my skin is smoother and foundation goes on better and sits better on my skin. I guess I was just missing that layer between skin and foundation that really makes it look better! It doesn't do much in the way of prolonging wear but I knew that already!

Boe Professional Pro Finish BB Cream and Concealer in Medium*
I wasn't expecting much from this BB cream to be honest, but it has really surprised me! I haven't ever tried anything from Boe or Boe Professional, but they're an affordable brand available from Big W. I was worried that the Medium shade would be too dark/orange/pink but it actually settles in really well. I do wish it was more on the yellow side though! This has quite a thick consistency but I still generally apply it with a brush. I was most impressed by the amount of coverage this gives. It's pretty on par with light-medium coverage foundations and can be built up slightly. I tend not to because the colour isn't quite right. It leaves a pretty satin finish that's not too matte, but lasts really well throughout the day. I don't get too oily with it, but do get a bit of shine. The concealer is pretty good too actually!

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Automatic Eye Definer in In the Nude
I picked this up in the Priceline 40% off sale, along with their lip liner in Eastend Snob. That's all I bought though - woo for restraint! I finally have a nude eyeliner though! It's only taken me a bajillion years. I opted for this one instead of the usual Scandaleyes one because this one is twist up. CONVENIENCE. But yes, I've been thoroughly enjoying using this on my lower waterline when my eyes are a little red, or need a bit of brightening. It applies smoothly and pigmentedly. I can't say it's the longest lasting, because to be quite honest, I never pay attention to my lower waterline by the end of the day. :P

Aaah, old faves return! This has been in so many previous favourites post, but this will probably be it's last hurrah (before an empties of course!). I'm so close to finishing it, what you see is all I have left! I'm keen to finish it so that I can go out and purchase something else, namely, one of the new Clarins Instant Light Balms. This guy has served me very well over the years though, I'm not entirely sure if it's still available actually. It's just a super sheer peachy-orange that livens up my lips, as well as moisturising them super well.

Beyonce Rise Sheer EDP*
QUEEN B. This scent is FLAWLESSSSSS. Lol jks, but really, it's pretty damn nice. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this (I've never sniffed the original Rise perfume) but this sheer version is described as a lighter, fresher version featuring notes of citrus, orchid and blonde woods. It's quite a floral, sophisticated scent with a slight musky base. It's light enough to use during the day, but has the depth that you could wear it at night. Surprisingly this fills a gap in my fragrance collection which I'm grateful for! Lasting power is lovely as well!

Mimco Mim Pouch in Sunset Orange
I bought this early in April during their sale, and snapped it at a coooool price of around $10. WHAT?!?? I had to buy it online though, so factor in another $10 for shipping but yes, BARGAIN BAGGER RETURNS. To be fair, I did use my sister's $30 birthday voucher as well haha, but I'm very glad to have this guy in my life. I really love the colour and patent leather finish. I've started using it as my wallet, basically, but I love that I can also fit my phone in it. Very handy!

Netflix's House of Cards
Netflix in general is a fave tbh, (just finished watching Daredevil and hooooooly crap, AMAZE. Charlie Cox is the biggest cutie), but I happened to watch all of House of Cards during the Easter break, basically. SO GOOD. Gah, Kevin Spacey is a phenomenal actor and Robin Wright is badass! I just love the complexity of all the characters and the story lines are amazing. It's like a classy version of Scandal to be honest, haha. Yeah...really NOT loving Shonda atm, if you watch Grey's Anatomy and the latest episode, you'll know why. BUT back to HOC, the way it's filmed is amazing too. David Fincher though. 

Hope y'all enjoyed reading about my favourites this month! What have you been loving?

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*Products provided for consideration.