They see me Rollin'...They Hatin'

Ah yes, I'm back with another song-inspired title. Today I have the much-talked about Benefit Roller Lash* which has been on the hype train for the past month-ish. Isn't that always the way with Benefit products! They certainly know how to make a fuss! I was very kindly gifted the mascara at the Obsession 2015 event. The whole shebang about this mascara is that it supposedly curls even the straightest, shortest lashes. Straight? Short? That's me! I had pretty high hopes for this mascara, what with the millions of reviews already out there, but I think my skepticism has proved to be right...

Of course, in true Benefit style, the packaging is ADORABLE. The whole premise of the Roller Lash is that it's inspired by old-school hair rollers - the brush, packaging, marketing, gotta love a theme! The handle is that perf peachy-pink shade and has a rubberized pattern on it, making it very pleasant to hold!

The brush is probably the main selling point of this mascara. This "hook 'n' roll" brush has plasticy bristles and a slight curve. The bristles on the inside of the curve are slightly shorter, while on the outside they're a bit longer. The idea is to "hook" the lashes with the inside (I think), and then roll the brush up the lashes, twisting the wand so the longer bristles comb through. Hopefully I'm making sense, but basically this method/brush is supposed to curl the lashes, and therefore negate the need for a lash curler. My lashes are extremely straight, and pretty much point down (yey azns) so I went in skeptical, but with a little glimmer of hope. I tried it on one eye with uncurled lashes, and the other with curled lashes. Aaaaand, they both came out the same. Yay right? WRONG. Yes there was a tad bit of lift, but otherwise no "curl" whatsoever. The formula of this mascara is not waterproof (more on that later), and therefore didn't hold the curl of my lashes, so they drooped down a bit. Basically, it didn't deliver in the curling department unfortunately! Other than that, I found it gave decent length and thickness, but not much volume. My lashes looked slightly more wispy, but other than that, pretty average. As for lasting power, they claim it's "smudge-proof", but I actually find it to smudge quite badly! Just a few minutes after application (a few being like...20), I already notice a bit of smudging, which continues throughout the day. This pretty much happens whether I powder under my eyes or not. 

So, unfortunately. I wasn't wowed! My lashes are just stubborn li'l bastards that won't curl without iron-clad force, and most mascaras smudge on me anyway. Apparently this mascara's just not for me, especially since this has clearly worked out for a lot of people! Le sigh. Still on the hunt for that life changing mascara. The Benefit Roller Lash* launches in stores on the 11th of April, but can be bought now online at Myer!

Have you guys tried the Roller Lash? Do you love it?

*Product provided for consideration.