TAG // Addicted to Blush

If there's one thing you probably know about me, it's that I love me some blush. Being (probably) my favourite item of makeup, I've amassed quite the collection! The only thing from stopping me buying up a storm, is that my drawer is pretty much full to the point where I can't close it...(lol jks, that ain't stopping me). It's only fitting, of course, that I do the Addicted to Blush tag created by Kat! Thank you to the lovelies Lena and Jennifer for tagging me, and keep reading for my answers!

1. What colour blush suits you the most?
Anything warm-toned I find pretty complementary on my skin, especially shades like peachy-pinks, corals and warm bronzes. I find them the most natural looking, and that they will pretty much go with any makeup look I'm wearing!

2. Pressed/cream/loose blush?
I'd have to say pressed for sure (seems to be the general consensus out there!). They take up the vast majority of my collection and are just generally more widely available, easier to work with and on me, longer lasting - though that depends on the specific blush. I do love creams but I don't have enough of them to consider that my favourite formula! I can't say I've ever tried a loose blush, and in general loose products are too much effort for me!

3. Favourite shimmery blush?
I'd have to go with MAC Mineralize blush in Warm Soul. While I have many shimmery blushes, the shimmer in Warm Soul is just so special! It's super refined and just sheeny as heck - but like, a beautiful sheen that's not over the top! I don't really think you can tell from the swatches, but the effect is gorgeous and you don't need a highlighter! The formula is so smooth and pigmented, and the shade is lovely and great for everyday.

4. Favourite matte blush?
I went with Tarte Amazonian Clay 24hr blush in Exposed, though I don't know that I have an outright favourite. I actually wasn't so impressed with this Tarte blush, both in colour and formula. It has an extremely hard formula and isn't actually that pigmented. In saying that, it is quite a fool-proof blush and I do really like it. The matte finish helps add dimension as well as a flush to the skin. It's a no-fuss blush that pretty much goes with everything! Looking back at my collection, I also really love theBalm matte blushes!

L-R: MAC Warm Soul, Tarte Exposed

5. Favourite cream blush?
Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera is definitely my favourite cream blush, as well as one of my favourite blushes in general! The formula is quite thick and really pigmented, but I still find it really easy to apply. The fomula can be a tad sticky, but I find when stippled on, it melds into the skin and leaves a lovely dewy finish! It lasts super well for a cream, and the shade is a pale pinky-peach that gives a youthful, fresh look to the face.

6. Favourite drugstore blush?
This was a hard choice but I have to give it to my Essence Blush Up! blush in Heat Wave. I've raved about this many a time, the gradient effect in the pan is enough to warrant an award! The shades are lovely, I just tend to mix them up, or grab from the middle of the pan. I'm a big fan of Essence blushes in general, though this one in particular is super pigmented, long wearing and yet almost looks translucent on the skin.

7. Favourite high end blush?
Again this was a hard choice, but, at a push, probably MAC Warm Soul again. The formula, coupled with the shade just make is such a lovely option for everyday and I honestly can't fault it. I also love the Clinique Cheek Pops and theBalm Instain and regular powder blushes.

8. Favourite bright blush?
Speaking of the theBalm Instain blushes...Toile is probably my favourite bright blush! I have a lot of bright blushes - I'm quite drawn to a pop of colour on the cheeks! Toile is quite bright and pigmented, but at the same time, it can be sheered out to a natural looking flush. The shade is a pinky-coral and the formula has to be the longest lasting in my collection! Essence Heat Wave could've also been my choice for best bright blush :)

L-R: Stila Gerbera, Essence Heat Wave, theBalm Toile
9. Biggest blush disappointment/regret?
I'm quite careful with what blushes I buy, and I'm not often disappointed - if they lack pigment, I can usually build them up or vice versa if it's too pigmented. Chalky? They can usually blend well with a brush. You get the idea. However, the Bourjois Little Round Pot blushes of which I have the shades Rose Coup de Foudre and Rose D'Or were a regret. I was perhaps a bit lenient in my first review (2 years ago!), but after, maybe, a month of use, I never touched them again. They sealed over and basically became straight up gold shimmer with little colour (the swatches look better than they actually are). The smell is quite overwhelming for me too. I just have so many other better blushes that I'd much rather use! I've actually since given these away. Like I said, gotta make room in my blush drawer!

10. Best blush packaging?
I don't think I have any one blush with absolutely outstanding packaging, but I must say, I'm in love with the aesthetic of the Clinique Cheek Pops of which I have Peach Pop. Obviously, there's that undeniable gerbera embossing/imprint that is just gorgeous, and doesn't get worn down too quickly. The actual casing itself though is oddly beautiful. It's thick plastic, which is minimalistic, yet the thickness and weight of it still adds a touch of luxury.

L-R: Bourjois Rose D'Or, Bourjois Rose Coup de Foudre, Clinique Peach Pop

11. What's on your blush wishlist?
There will forever be a blush I'm lusting after, especially on the high end scale of things (of course). I've always wanted to get my hands on a NARS blush, yet have never managed to (there's not one shade that's leaping out to me!), I've got my eye on the Stila Field of Florals palette full of Convertible Colours and the new shades of the Clinique Cheek Pops are calling out to me. But, being a blush addict, there are still some on the lower end of things I've been wanting! Milani Luminoso in particular, and more recently, the Colour Pop blushes! Illamasqua's powder blushes were also on my wishlist but I managed to get my hands on one (in the Multi Facet palette) the other day, so I'm excited to give that ago!

12. Number 1 holy grail blush?
Honestly, I can't definitively answer this! There really isn't one blush in my collection that stands out beyond all the rest, but, if I had to choose - like HAD to choose, I'd probably go with MAC Warm Soul. It's beginning to sound like a default answer! That and...one of my many peachy-pinks. Peachy-pink has my heart, man. 

This tag was such fun to do, though also hard! I had to really sit down and assess my life choices blush collection. I can't remember who's already done this tag but, I'll go ahead and tag Cherie, Sheri, Vanessa, Yige, Frances, Ling, Daphne, Maeve, NatalieJen, Kate (phew!) and anyone else who would like to! Blush addict or not, I'd love to read your answers!