Now that I'm done with exams (YEEEEW), it's time to get back on the blogging bandwagon! I've been meaning to do a 'share the love' post for quite some time, but haven't ever gotten around to it because, let's face it, I love alotta bloggin' ladies! It was extremely hard to narrow down to any sort of one post manageable number, and no doubt I will have to do another of these in future! I've still got more love to share! These gals I'm mentioning today are some that I've been following for years and continue to inspire me everyday! I'm lucky enough to call a lot of them my friends (hopefully they call me the same :P), and I'm just so happy, greatful, gushy that I've gottten to know them through blogging! 


Oh where to begin! Sleep and Water has to be one of the first beauty blogs I'd ever read, and really fell in love with! It was one of - if not - my biggest blogging inspiration. I remember randomly stumbling across it whilst trawling Google for makeup reviews in the early days. Actually...I think I found her blog when looking up makeup storage for the Officeworks drawers! Aaah, mems :') Lena's blog photos were truly some of the most beautiful I'd ever seen, and her writing is unparalleled. She's super detailed, informative, and always outlines the pros and cons of a product. 

Cherie at Hihocherie
I'm lucky enough to know Cherie in real life as she's the sister of one of my very good friends! I can't even remember how I stumbled across her blog but I remember reading it and being like "...wait, this is Daphne's sister!!". Cherie was one of the very first followers of this here blog and I've been following her blog so long I've seen it evolve through 3 different blog names! In fact, even reading old posts can teleport me back in time! I love Cherie's blog as she's really laidback and posts about quite a few topics. I really love her photo diary type posts of her life, she always takes such gorgeous photos!

If I knew Sheri in real life, I feel like we would click and become biffles instantly (in my dreams). But seriously, we have so much in common!?! I remember watching her Youtube videos and relating to every single thing she said - as well as in her more personal blog posts! Also, Sheri is absolutely HIGH-larious. Love that woman. Oh, and her beauty blog ain't too shabs either ;) (it's amazing guys, seriously).

Yige - also hilarious, also super relateable (seriously I wish we all knew each other in real life and lived in the same place because we would be that asian group, but 100x betta). I love Yige's posts as she can often be brutally honest, sometimes even about herself/her early blogging days hehe! Her posts and photography, and blog in general really, is beautifully simplistic and she takes the darned cutest selfies ever (she just has a cute face.)

Vanessa - HANDS DOWN - is probably the most hilarious person ever. She makes good use of the caps lock key, and yet, whenever she does type in capitals, it's completely justified and adds amazing personality to her posts and comments, and never looks angry haha. Her photos are ridiculously gorgeous (that prop usage tho), and no doubt, you'll have a laugh in every post. Plus, she's got some great content like photography tips, travel posts, etc, etc. Oh and, she is also an insane tv fanatic like moi. SHE INTRODUCED ME TO PUSHING DAISIES FOR GOD'S SAKE. I will FOREVER be in debt for that. Lee Pace *-* <3 

Daphne is just cool, guys. Her blog covers a bunch of topics and most notably, I love her uni experience posts. They're often extremely hilarious and makes me want to study criminology :P She lives in London, and I don't know, maybe there's a higher density of celebrities there, but I will forever be jealous of how she happens to just stumble upon celebs!? Like guh, pls let me randomly see Ian Mckellen on the street

It's been such an honour to see More than Adored grow and evolve over the years! I absolutely adore (heh) Sarah and all the time and effort she puts into her site. MTA is amazing for seeing what new products are hitting Australian shores and reading reviews, as well as lots of other lifestyle related posts too! I will be, like, forever indebted to her because I've won so many of her giveaways hahaaaa :P

Ash's blog is stunning - her photos are so crisp, and background so white - how?! I absolutely love that she features a range of products from the cheapest in the drugstore, and the most luxury of items. She writes absolutely amazing review and overview posts! I'm forever jealous of that girl's haulage! We also share a love for Parks & Rec, awww yeaah <3

Holly at Bloomin' Rouge
Holly's blog just makes my eyeballz extremely happy. Her blog design is effortlessly beautiful, and her photos are just...perfection - pretty much! Not only is Bloomin' Rouge a feast for the eyes, but her writing style is so real. She's funny and manages to shove so much personality into her posts! Her amazing use of metaphors makes the literary part of me happy. Also, this girl got skillz. The makeup looks Holly has created are gorg and creative (her fashion faces series is coooooool), and she also has lots of personal/lifestyle and blog design tip posts! Um, seriously - this whole blog is perfection.

I had so much fun writing this post! If anything though, it kinda made me feel sad that I don't know the majority of these gals in real life, but I'll always be so grateful that I managed to meet and interact with them (virtually) through blogging! It wasn't the reason I started blogging, but it's one of the reasons I'll keep blogging. <3 <3 <3