Monthly Favourites // June 2015

So June was a bit of a heckers month for me! I had two exams right at the beginning of the month and despite finishing on the 10th, I've still been incredibly busy! I've been clearing and cleaning out my sister's old room (as well as my own) and have done quite a bit of homewares shopping! I'm still not completely moved in but will be soon. I'll probably do a room tour at some point too! Now that my friends have finished exams too, I've been a bit of a "social butterfly". I saw Inside Out yesterday and oh my gawd, IT'S SO DAMN EMOTIONAL. Legit tears runnin' down ma face. Anyway, this month's faves are quite skincare heavy so let's get into them!

Ahhh, my love. Effaclar Duo is a serious holy grail of mine and coming back to it after not using it for a few months was AH-MAZING. Since I finished my Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Treatment, I've come back to this and, yes, they are similar in concept (I stand by that) but omg my skin just reacts so much better to the LRP! My skin has been a bit of a poo the past month-ish and using this guy morning and night has really helped clear things up. I can't discern any real difference between the old version and the [+] one, but hey, if it's going to help fade dark marks - I'LL TAKE IT.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Riche
Can ya tell I love LRP? I have a feeling I'm going to have to do a brand spotlight post on them at some point! I was using a different night cream during May and it just wasn't cutting it for me moisture wise! I always felt like I needed more so I went ahead and cracked this guy open and boooy it be saving my dry Winter skin. It's a pretty basic moisturiser but that's what I like in a night cream! I find it really moisturising and sinks into the skin well, but gives a bit of a plump and healthy looking glow! Also it smells really good - like a spider??? Lol not a legit spider but y'know when you mix soft drink and ice cream. Do Americans call that a float?? what am i even talking about right now

Lush Tea Tree Water
I've been using this for a few months and am actually almost finished it. Why do I have to go through spray toners so damn quickly?!?? I've been using it every morning on a cotton pad and while I don't think it's made a huuuuge difference, I definitely think using it regularly has helped with the breakout situation. After all, how much can a toner really do. I would totally repurchase it though!

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray
I bought this when NYX was 30% off and then forgot about it for a few weeks. This is my first setting spray so it's take a bit of a while for me to actually remember to use it! I have been this month though and I must say I really like it! It definitely takes away any powderiness immediately and gives a healthy, dewy look to the skin, without making things any oilier as the day progresses. I wouldn't say it overly prolongs the wear of my makeup, but I really like the effect it gives! I really want to try the Urban Decay All Nighter now!

I've been meaning to mention this in a favourites for a while but always forgot about the poor guy! I use this pretty much every morning and, like the toner, it may not make a major, immediate difference, but over time I really feel like my skin has benefited! It's a lovely gel-cream consistency cleanser that doesn't dry out or strip the skin at all. I'm left with soft skin and I really think it's helped with fading scars and overall improving the texture of my skin!

ColourPop Where the Light is foursome
I've been using these on and off for the past couple of months and just had to mention them because they are goooorgeous. I've been using the Chocolate Bar palette a lot more but I mentioned that last month and didn't want to repeat! The ColourPop shadows have the most interesting consistency - it's like a creamy, pressed mousse with ah-mazing pigmentation. The shimmery shades are especially stunning, but the matte colours work fairly well too (though they aren't my favourite). My go-to look is Glow on the browbone, Cornelious through the crease and either Kathleenlights or Blaze on the lid, depending on whether I want a deeper or brighter look! The lasting power is okay, with primer they do still crease a little bit, but when set with a powder they are perfect!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight in Opal
Out of the trio I picked up, Opal is definitely my favourite! I find this pinky, warm champagne to be the most flattering on my skintone. The effect of these highlighters though are STUNNING. They give THE perfect natural sheen to the cheekbones which is totes all da rage now with STROBING (where did that even come from honestly). I really like the packaging of the minis too, the doe-foot is so convenient to swipe on the cheeks and blend with a finger! Plus, who would ever finish an entire full size.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Petal Shimmer
Probably one of my favourite gloss formulas - balmy and moisturising with no stickiness at all! The pigment (on this shade in particular) is pretty sheer, but for a pretty pale colour, I appreciate it! I've been using this more so this month to mute down any lip colours I feel are too bright for the weather, or the rest of my makeup look. It adds a bit of moisture and shine, and brings colours down a notch which is sometimes just what I need!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my favourites this month! What have you been loving?

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