Oh. My. Gloss.

CHANDLER BING?!???!! Had to do it. Anyway, if you didn't gather from the title, today I'm reviewing Rimmel's new Oh My Gloss! lip glosses! As you guys know, I'm pretty fussy when it comes to glosses - they CANNOT be sticky! Keep reading to see what I thought about the shades Glossaholic* and Snog*.

Top - Bottom: Glossaholic, Snog (let's ignore that I'm not wearing foundation!)

The packaging on these is pretty cute actually. The tubes are made of substantially thick plastic, and have a kind of rounded triangular shape which I dig. The doe foot applicator is quite unique (as unique as sponge tipped applicators can get) - it's flat and thin. It applied the gloss well and you can get pretty precise with it, not that the particular shades I have require precision.

Formula wise, these glosses pass my criteria! The texture isn't too thick, but it's not thin or watery either. Not sticky at all and they really glide over the lips, giving a smooth, glassy finish without being overly glossy. It can cling slightly on dry patches, but it's not terrible and you could probably forgo the lip prep. I didn't take too much notice of lasting power. It performed typically, wore off after a few hours like other non-sticky glosses. Since I have lighter shades more on the nude-side of things, they didn't leave a stain either. Same goes with pigmentation - these are fairly pigmented and will give a wash of colour, but due to their paler nature, they won't be intense by any means! These do have a scent which I want to note because it's quite odd! It's almost like one of those 'fresh linen' artificial candle scents that smells like soap?! Regardless, it doesn't linger but I thought that was an odd choice for a gloss!

Glossaholic* is a pale pink shade that I would say has a neutral tone, but shows up a bit cooler on me. For a baby pink, this one is pretty wearable and almost reminds me of a pinker version of my Clarins lip gloss in Petal Shimmer. This one works well for a subtle wash of pink, or over the top of other pink lipsticks. Snog* is a typical my lips but better shade. It's very similar to one of my faves from Maybelline (Colour Elixir in Caramel Infused), but I'd say it's more on the brown side, where Caramel Infused is more pinky-mauve. This one has a slight shimmer through it, but it doesn't really show up on the lips. If anything, it adds a bit more sheen!

These glosses are great basic options if you're looking for a decently pigmented gloss that ain't sticky or overly glossy and thick. The shade range is okay - these two are definitely ones I'd get a lot of use out of, but I would've loved to see a peach, coral or purple in the Aussie lineup! 

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*Products sent for consideration.